HandsFree Health's HIPAA-Compliant Voice Platform Will Be Used For Remote Patient Monitoring

HandsFree | April 16, 2021

HandsFree HealthTM, the provider of WellBe®, a safe, HIPAA-compliant, voice-enabled virtual health assistant app, announced the launch of its Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Service today. HandsFree Health RPM is a HIPAA-compliant voice-enabled remote patient control experience that doctors, hospitals, health plans, skilled nursing facilities, and case management services can seamlessly incorporate and improve with their current patient programs. Remote patient management services have grown in popularity, allowing for more effective treatment and lowering readmission rates. HandsFree Health's RPM uses speech processing to boost efficiencies and optimize results.


"HandsFree Health's voice-enabled technology is a major differentiator in the remote patient monitoring space," HandsFree Health President Dan Messina said. "This enables a level of communication with patients that most programs can not have, while also delivering useful medical data to healthcare professionals."


The HandsFree Health product suite, which includes the WellBe smart speaker, smartwatch, and HFH Go smartphone app, offers a personalized treatment experience. Patients can use voice-enabled technologies to access healthcare information, contact their doctor, get wellness responses, and monitor their home environment.


"Our mission was to build a virtual environment that is as important to both the patient and the provider as an in-office visit," said HandsFree Health CEO Mike Cardillo. "Our HIPAA-compliant dashboard securely reports patient information in a manner that providers can easily interpret and manage for billing."


HandsFree Health's remote patient monitoring system collects health data from hundreds of connected medical devices on a variety of important metrics such as vital signs, blood pressure, pulse rate, blood sugar, weight, blood oxygen levels, peak flow, and more. The custom dashboard simplifies the analysis of sensitive data and the tracking of usage. Our patient portal, which helps healthcare professionals to monitor participation, makes billing simpler.


The RPM from HandsFree Health will be available in the late second quarter of 2021.


About HandsFree Health™

HandsFree HealthTM is a suite of tools for customers and companies to help them achieve compliance and optimum health. HandsFree Health creates well-designed, seamlessly accessible health and wellbeing platforms. HandsFree Health has rapidly established itself as the gold standard for voice technologies in healthcare. WellBe®, the leading voice-enabled virtual health AI assistant platform, was created by HandsFree Health. WellBe is a safe voice-activated assistant designed on a reliable, HIPAA-compliant base. HandsFree Health sells products online as well as at various online stores such as,,,,,, and


This infographics explains Comfort, protection, mobility and efficiency at the heart of the hospital of the future.


This infographics explains Comfort, protection, mobility and efficiency at the heart of the hospital of the future.

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Avalon Healthcare Solutions Announces New Collaboration with N.Y.-Based Health Insurer CDPHP

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Avalon Healthcare Solutions, LLC, DBA Avalon Healthcare Solutions, is pleased to announce a new collaboration to provide genetic testing management to Capital District Physicians' Health Plan, Inc. (CDPHP®). Lab testing is the gateway to appropriate diagnosis and treatment plans, and there are more than 13 billion lab tests performed annually in the U.S. Those results influence 70 percent of all medical decisions. Lab testing is highly complex and constantly evolving, creating challenges for health plans to navigate. Avalon, the world's first Lab Insights company, takes lab benefit and value management services to the next level, further removing waste and abuse from the system, while also improving clinical outcomes. Avalon helps its clients provide earlier disease detection for their members and drive treatment protocols to accelerate the Triple Aim of improving the patient experience, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per member cost of healthcare. Avalon and CDPHP are focused on using the latest technology, evidence-based medicine, and provider education to ensure high-quality, cost-effective laboratory services to drive appropriate care for CDPHP members. Avalon's innovative management services unlock the power of lab data, expanding the view to encompass the entire patient journey, optimizing treatment, improving outcomes, and driving down costs. "We are pleased to join together withCDPHP and bring our proven history of management, as well as our innovative approach to unlocking new possibilities. The CDPHP focus on improving the health and well-being of its members and communities is perfectly aligned with Avalon's mission to help our clients enable value-driven care in this dynamic and increasingly challenging environment." Bill Kerr, MD, Chief Executive Officer at Avalon "For nearly 40 years, CDPHP has been committed to lowering the total cost of care while preserving the high-quality service our members and the community at-large have come to expect," saidElizabeth Warner, MD, Senior Vice President of Member Health, CDPHP. "This new venture with Avalon Healthcare Solutions will further our mission of ensuring care is delivered at the right place, at the right time, and with the best outcome possible for each and every member we serve." About Avalon Healthcare Solutions Avalon Healthcare Solutions is the world's first and only Lab Insights company, bringing together our proven Lab Benefit Management solutions, lab science expertise, digitized lab values, and proprietary analytics to help healthcare insurers proactively inform appropriate care, reduce costs, and improve clinical outcomes. Working with health plans across the country, the company covers more than 36 million lives and delivers 7-12% outpatient lab benefit savings. Avalon is pioneering a new era of value-driven care with its Lab Insights Platform that captures, digitizes, and analyzes lab results in real time to provide actionable insights for earlier disease detection, ensuring appropriate treatment protocols, and driving down overall cost. About CDPHP® Established in 1984, CDPHP is a physician-founded, member-focused and community-based not-for-profit health plan that offers high-quality affordable health insurance plans to members in 29 counties throughoutNew York.

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To provide data analytics, identify cost reductions, and to automate the reconciliation of hospital purchased services invoices, VIE Healthcare Consulting has a launched Invoice ROI 2.0 technology. VIE Healthcare Consulting has launched a new update on a proven technology with the aim of examining hospital purchased services invoices for identifying overcharges and inaccuracies. reconciliation process is automated by Invoice ROI. This new update has enhanced patents and features, which is capable of generating millions of dollars The launch has taken place based on the knowledge and experience of Lisa Miller, who has previously developed a technology for identifying expense reduction opportunities. Purchased services invoices denote 45-50 % of US healthcare system and hospital non-labor expenses. Invoices for purchased services area sort of time-consuming manual authentication as hospital monetary managers and branch managers inspect charges for agreement pricing mistakes and overbilling. Invoice ROI excerpts line item particulars and settles invoices. The technology classifies cost discounts from off-contract charges or imprecisions, for example from erroneously applied votive terms. The technology also mixes with analytics and benchmarking gears and provides data imagining. Use of Invoice ROI consequences in intended line-by-line discounts in charges that can notify bill pay, bond negotiations, RFPs, and planned financial organization. Hospital CFOs face unique challenges related to purchased services, which are billed after they are provided, as distinct from buying medical equipment or supplies. Healthcare costs are tremendously mutable and complex, reliant on on mismatched systems, and subject to complicated contractual terms. Extreme fees, billing errors, manual dispensation costs, and off-contract expenditure are among the economic challenges that health care administrations face. Adding to a modified database, the system makes reports that can be used to improve the supply chain, money or direct to vendors. By recording overcharges, the Bill ROI automated settlement tool supports revenue improvement and margin development for healthcare systems and hospitals.

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