HEALTH TECHNOLOGY Showcases Healthcare and Life Sciences Leadership with Customer Successes, Breadth of AI Apps at HIMSS 2022 | March 14, 2022, the AI Cloud leader, announced it has expanded its healthcare capabilities, now offering 40 AI applications across population health, precision medicine, public health and intelligent supply chain, supporting customers throughout the healthcare ecosystem including Bon Secours Mercy Health and Kaiser Permanente.
The company will demonstrate its technologies at the healthcare industry’s flagship technology conference, HIMSS, in Booth No. 8141, March 15-17 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

Healthcare and life sciences organizations have been stretched thin over the past few years and are actively looking for new technologies to streamline operations and improve patient outcomes across the private and public sectors. AI will empower physicians, hospital administrators, researchers and pharmaceutical companies with models and applications that produce more affordable, more accessible and more efficient healthcare. is at the forefront of this effort, helping organizations rapidly transform to improve health equity, access and care.

For example, the Center for Digital Health Innovation (CDHI) at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) is collaborating with on the development and training of AI algorithms that automate the processing of the 1.4 million faxed patient referrals and other documents that UCSF’s health system receives annually. The algorithms identify, classify and prioritize document types. For referrals, the AI extracts key patient data, history and relevant health information that will assist staff and eliminate manual data entry and validation tasks.

AI in healthcare has the potential to dramatically improve the operational processes that can prevent patients from getting care quickly, at the right place, and from the right provider. Our work with for health document handling is just one aspect of the transformation in the ways patients access and receive care.”

Alon Konchitsky, associate director for data science and machine learning at CDHI has developed 40 AI apps supporting various components of the healthcare ecosystem, including

Population Health’s Covid-19 hospital occupancy simulator allows hospital administrators to track, predict and manage Covid-19-related hospital admissions by U.S. county. The company also has a pop-up predictor that allows for the quick identification of specific addresses in the U.S. that would be most suitable for temporary vaccination clinics, mobile testing centers, public education stands and more.’s customers - leading providers, payers and accountable care organizations (ACOs) - are developing and deploying AI models and apps around patient no shows, 30-day readmission predictors, risk stratification and omni-channel patient engagement NLP.

Precision Medicine has developed a gene mutation app, a machine learning-powered patient risk assessment application that uses the Snowflake Data Cloud and the H2O AI Cloud to bring intelligent clinical decision support directly to clinicians. In another use case,’s gene expression tumor classification app uses gene expression information from patient biopsies to evaluate the risk of malignancy and understand how common the risk has been among past patients.

“H2O AI Cloud, integrated with the Snowflake Data Cloud, is making it easier for health organizations to rapidly develop precision medicine solutions,” said Todd Crosslin, Global Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Snowflake. “The Gene mutation app is just the beginning of our health partnership and our ability to deliver improved care and patient outcomes.”

Public Health

The company’s Covid-19 forecasting application enables hospital staff, policymakers and others to predict the next wave of infection as well as potential case and death rates. also provides a vaccine sentiment tool that leverages natural language processing (NLP) to understand the sentiment around Covid-19 vaccines, and the company is currently working with leaders to address the risks and care associated with PASC (AKA Long COVID).

Intelligent Supply Chain

To provide intelligent supply chain support,’s route optimizer application helps health manufacturers best optimize transportation routes to ensure products arrive on time and to standard. also has developed an order and inventory management app to aid health manufacturers’ inefficient warehouse and inventory management decisions.

Avoiding AI “Pilot-itis”

Many health and life sciences organizations are struggling to implement AI projects that improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and more. Through its expertise and the H2O AI Cloud platform, is able to break companies out of the pilot cycle and successfully take them to AI maturity to deliver impactful results. In fact, has experienced an increase in healthcare customers moving from the pilot phase to full-blown production AI programs.

“Artificial Intelligence and deep learning are not only driving the latest innovations in medicine but also are enabling healthcare organizations to connect fragmented data into a format that can be used to improve operational efficiency and provide more user-centric patient experiences,” said Sri Ambati, CEO and co-founder of “From its use in drug discovery and forecasting the next COVID-19 variant to streamlining supply chain operations and reducing healthcare worker churn, AI will have a significant impact on democratizing health and improving patient outcomes.”

About is the leading AI cloud company, on a mission to democratize AI for everyone. Customers use the H2O AI Cloud platform to rapidly solve complex business problems and accelerate the discovery of new ideas. is the trusted AI provider to more than 20,000 global organizations, including AT&T, Bon Secours Mercy Health, Capital One, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, GlaxoSmithKline, Hitachi, Kaiser Permanente, Procter & Gamble, PayPal, PwC, Reckitt, Unilever and Walgreens, over half of the Fortune 500 and one million data scientists. Goldman Sachs, NVIDIA and Wells Fargo are not only customers and partners, but strategic investors in the company.’s customers have honored the company with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 78— the highest in the industry based on breadth of technology and deep employee expertise. The world’s top 20 Kaggle Grandmasters (the community of best-in-the-world machine learning practitioners and data scientists) are employees of A strong AI for Good ethos to make the world a better place and Responsible AI drive the company’s purpose. Please join our movement at


Cardinal Health is more than a business, more than a partner, more than hard workers. We are your wings.With up to 37,000 employees worldwide, Cardinal Health helps pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories, and physician offices focus on patient care while reducing costs, enhancing efficiency and improving quality.


Cardinal Health is more than a business, more than a partner, more than hard workers. We are your wings.With up to 37,000 employees worldwide, Cardinal Health helps pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories, and physician offices focus on patient care while reducing costs, enhancing efficiency and improving quality.

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Lyniate, the worldwide leader of healthcare data interoperability, today announced the introduction of Lyniate Rapid. Rapid is a purpose-built healthcare API gateway and manager designed to help health teams create and safeguard APIs, including Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)-based APIs like those required by the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule. Rapid enables teams to manage, monitor efficiency, and protect against cybersecurity threats related to patient data access, creating protection for vulnerable health information. Knowing that teams, across the care continuum, are under pressure to quickly modernize platforms, Rapid accelerates time to compliance with pre-built provider directory and patient data access APIs. Lyniate Rapid is easily compatible with Lyniate Rhapsody and Lyniate Corepoint, the company’s flagship integration engines. Rapid helps healthcare teams implement using Health Level 7 (HL7) FHIR. “Our team respects the history of healthcare interoperability, and we also encourage new approaches. With Rapid, we bring both to the table to help cover data and technology requirements so that each healthcare organization can focus on its business and deliver the best consumer experiences.” Scott Galbari, chief operating officer at Lyniate “We will continue to develop additional software and services to help customers meet compliance requirements as they are defined,” Galbari added. “We believe that some workflows are best addressed by transactional HL7 v2 messaging while other workflows are best addressed via API. Lyniate is a single trusted interoperability partner who meets the needs of both integration styles, giving teams the best experience and the most efficiency gain. Lyniate Rapid marks our continued commitment toward creating seamless, wide-spread data liquidity across the healthcare ecosystem.” Rapid can be quickly deployed, ensuring the flexibility to adapt to CMS and ONC compliance changes and meet regulatory requirements. With features like API security, a built-in FHIR server, audit logging, and monitoring, this healthcare API gateway protects vulnerable health information from outside threats and reduces the time-consuming and error-prone process of configuring and managing each API. Rapid serves as a secure, managed entry point for healthcare API authentication and communication. About Lyniate Lyniate partners with healthcare organizations around the globe delivering cutting-edge solutions to address interoperability challenges. The company’s industry-leading products, Corepoint and Rhapsody, are used by thousands of customers to send hundreds of millions of messages every day. Lyniate is committed to delivering the best interoperability solutions for healthcare organizations, from specialty clinics to large networks, from payers to vendors, and everything in between to build the future of interoperability.

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Spok, in Australia, launches an Innovative Healthcare Communication Platform

Spok | February 08, 2021

Spok Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPOK), today announced the international expansion of Spok Go®, their cloud-native communication platform. Spok Go, a cloud healthcare platform, connects clinical teams with information and people for informed care. The cloud platform has assisted health systems and hospitals in Australia for decades with advanced communication technology. These organizations want Spok to deliver significant developments in the way care teams interrelate, intending to improve results. To attain this, Spok Go drives clinical workflow automation that allows well-organized and harmless patient care. This automates main clinical procedures, including the context required for clinicians for informed care decisions. Spok Go allows safe text messaging as a choice for, routes and escalates clinical alerts, and centralises handbook, encrypted pager replacement, and on-call scheduling data. It also includes emergency notification operator console, and messaging solutions to support full care team communication. “Spok Go is redefining the standard of smart, efficient healthcare communications by reducing the complexity that has long plagued everyday clinical interactions,” said Vincent D. Kelly, president and chief executive officer of Spok Holdings, Inc. “We are pleased to expand the game-changing Spok Go platform into the Australian market with the ability to meet the specific compliance and workflow needs of these hospitals and healthcare systems.” Spok has improved Spok Go with the next capabilities to talk necessities exclusive to Australia: Adhering to local data placement and safety regulations to safeguard patient information; this comprises adherence with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). In Australia, no operational, hospital, or patient data of any kind is moved out of country. All data, as well as the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Spok Go platform, operate severely within the Australian borders. Sturdy business steadiness with AWS distributed across dissimilar locations to guard against loss of power, connectivity, and service-specific failure. Outstanding user knowledge and message forward speeds for all clients in an organized region.Localized language provision for Australian English, as well as suitable time, data, and phone number formats. About Spok Spok, headquartered in Springfield, Virginia, is a global leader in healthcare communications. In order to improve patient outcomes, when and where it is needed, we deliver clinical information to care teams. For ensuring strong support administrative compliance and workflows for clinicians, top hospitals rely on Spok Care Connect® and Spok Go®. Through their Spok® solutions, over 100 million messages are sent by customers every month. Spok enables faster and smarter clinical communication when patients’ lives are at stake and every second matter.

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SSCG Media Group, one of the business' biggest healthcare media arranging and purchasing organizations, reported the dispatch of ChannelDX™, a media channel arranging device zeroed in on healthcare experts (HCPs). It was co-created as a team with Nielsen. ChannelDX™ will empower SSCG planners to recognize the ideal channel blend for customer crusades, improve the proficiency of venture systems, and drive long haul results for drug and healthcare brands. ChannelDX™ covers an expansive scope of HCP strengths over a wide choice of media channels, including computerized and arising media types, making it the first of its sort. Until this point in time, partnered channel arranging devices have just existed for standard purchaser brands. This has left a void in the capacity for healthcare advertisers to use robotization to additionally improve channel blend for brands focusing on HCPs. By working with Nielsen, SSCG built up an exclusive, information driven apparatus that considers the change of information sources into significant bits of knowledge for more powerful arranging. "We're thrilled to be bringing the large-scale, proprietary HCP media intelligence and insight from SSCG Media Group together with the software-driven intelligence from Nielsen to offer this unique industry first. Now more than ever, agencies and clients need this level of cross-channel rigor as the media landscape becomes ever more complex, and as our quest to understand and impact HCP behavior becomes more intensified," says Debbie Renner, CEO, SSCG Media Group. "In today's environment, advertisers and agencies have a greater need for flexible products that are customizable and deliver on key business objectives," said Jay Wofsy, SVP, Planning and Ad Intel, Nielsen. "We are excited about our relationship with SSCG Media Group as we are marrying our technology with their first-party data to help solve key business challenges. The new solution allows for better strategic planning that offers a view of multiple planning scenarios based on market insights, investment and campaign objectives for more refined channel and budget allocation." ChannelDX™ intends to adjust crusade targets with what spurs HCPs to draw in with or utilize explicit media channels for proficient purposes. The instrument ingests data about brand procedure, target crowd and channel abilities, including publicizing sway, successful venture levels and most extreme reach. ChannelDX™ figures out which diverts are best in accomplishing brand destinations, alongside the impressions expected to successfully drive commitment. This permits SSCG media organizers to recognize the purpose of consistent losses for paid media channels, eventually helping in how all out media financial plan should be apportioned over each channel. In general, ChannelDX™ will help answer numerous significant inquiries for customers focusing on HCPs, and advise more brilliant, information driven proposals. About SSCG Media Group: As the Media Center of Excellence for Omnicom Health Group, one of largest and most diversified global healthcare advertising and communications networks in the world, SSCG is dedicated to building connections between healthcare providers (HCPs), patients, and important life-science brands by pioneering innovative media strategies that encourage meaningful conversations and drive better patient outcomes. SSCG's core media service offerings include Audience Development, Media Strategy, Planning, Buying of Non-Personal Promotion (NPP), Research & Strategic Insights and Data & Analytics. As part of OHG's Best of Health™ network, SSCG has access to talent, tools and technology that accelerates brand growth for Pharmaceutical clients.

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