Getz Healthcare partners with Subtle Medical to improve medical imaging with AI-powered technology

Prnewswire | March 30, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

Getz Healthcare partners

Getz Healthcare Pty Ltd announced that they have partnered with Subtle Medical, a U.S-based healthcare technology company, to distribute the company's artificial intelligence (AI)-based software solutions for faster and safer medical imaging. Subtle's solutions could provide significant efficiency gains for hospitals and private radiology clinics within Australia and New Zealand, resulting in more timely patient access to critical PET and MRI imaging services.

Subtle Medical's software solution, SubtlePET™, uses proprietary deep learning algorithms to denoise low count PET images from up to 75% lower radiotracer dose and faster scan times. SubtleMR™ uses increased sharpness and denoising to improve the image quality on up to 60% faster MRI exams. The solutions result in a broad range of benefits including faster scan times, lower radiation dose, improved image quality, higher scanner efficiency, and positive impacts on workflow and patient experience. Subtle's solutions are compatible across all PET and MRI scanner brands, makes, and models, and seamlessly integrate into existing workflows.

"We are thrilled to be expanding patient access to our AI solutions. Our goal is to not only make medical imaging safer and more focused on the patient, but also help imaging institutions and radiologists achieve higher quality imaging while running a more efficient operation. We are looking forward to a productive partnership with Getz," said Josh Gurewitz, Chief Commercial Officer at Subtle Medical.

James Simkins, CEO, Getz Healthcare, added, "We are really excited to be partnering with Subtle Medical. We believe Subtle Medical's software solution will bring tangible benefits to our customers and ultimately patients." "The possibility for Subtle Medical's software solutions to improve efficiency and image quality while extending the life of existing imaging systems is a real game changer for radiologists and patients in need of access to imaging. We are delighted to introduce this technology to Australia and New Zealand," said Kimberly Hill, Managing Director of Getz Healthcare Australia & New Zealand.

About Subtle Medical

Subtle Medical, Inc. is an innovative healthcare technology company with a suite of software solutions that use deep learning to increase the quality and efficiency of medical imaging. It is a CB Insights Top AI 100 and two-time Digital Health 150 company and is an Nvidia Inception Award Winner.

Subtle's (AI) software solutions have been commercially deployed in over 400 sites worldwide. SubtleMR™ and SubtlePET™ use deep learning to improve the image quality of accelerated MRI and PET scans, boosting exam throughput and profitability for centers, and getting patients in and out of the scanner faster. The company continues to expand globally with the support of recent Series B funding, bringing total funding to over $45 million.

About Getz Healthcare

Getz Healthcare is proud to be recognized as the leading distributor of medical equipment, devices and consumables, in Asia Pacific. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, and we partner with leading manufacturers in medical technology, to offer a wide range of innovative and high-quality products & solutions, enabling our customers to focus on what's important – providing better care for their patients.

Headquartered in Singapore, we have been operating in the Asia region for over 110 years, serving over 7,500 customers, from our 23 offices and distribution centers, spread across Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.


What’s changing the face of healthcare spend management? Watch this short video to learn how Curvo powers innovation in healthcare for hundreds of hospitals.


What’s changing the face of healthcare spend management? Watch this short video to learn how Curvo powers innovation in healthcare for hundreds of hospitals.

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Telemetrix, Piedmont Healthcare, and Remote Care Partners announced the launch of a new continuous care program designed to improve the quality and relevance of patient information collected through remote care devices. In these still relatively early days of telehealth, remote patient data monitoring and collection can be imprecise. Healthcare providers are often flooded with more information than they need. In addition to sifting through the data sent from at-home care devices, providers must also navigate between cloud-based hubs and their patient’s electronic health records (EHR). This process is not only taxing, but time-consuming, making it harder for healthcare providers to provide efficient care. The project that Telemetrix, Piedmont, and RCP are launching is an all-in-one program to streamline the continuous care process—facilitating a simpler exchange of information (interoperability) and more efficient system integration. The program combines Remote Patient Monitoring software from Telemetrix with devices, care management, and coaching provided by RCP. The program will begin at two Piedmont medical facilities and then roll out across Piedmont Health System. Backend support will be available to healthcare providers through RCP’s team of more than 70 registered nurse coaches. “Healthcare practices are flooded with data,” says Gregg Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Remote Care Partners. “The objective of this program is to make continuous care more accessible for healthcare providers and patients alike.” “Our combined platform with Telemetrix, Epic and Piedmont starts with a hub that collects device data from remote devices including scales, blood pressure cuffs, and glucose meters.” Every step, from device ordering through data transfer, is fully integrated with Epic. Patient data is collected by RCP devices, encrypted and transferred securely through the cloud, and automatically populates a patient’s EHR. The entire process typically takes two minutes or less, ensuring healthcare providers have relevant patient data as soon as they need it. “This platform is fully integrated into our provider workflow, so they don’t have to transition into other systems in order to provide care. From the patient perspective, they can see their information in the patient portal, so everything is integrated into their normal process,” commented Patrick Cossart, Piedmont Healthcare Director of Virtual Health. This model not only improves short-term quality of care but long-term patient outcomes—reducing inconsistencies between results taken at home versus at the medical office and providing digital reminders for patients to take their medications. Importantly, Medicare compensates payors and practices for this service, as it reduces emergency room and doctor visits. “Continuous care isn’t really possible in a doctor’s office with periodic visits, but it is made possible by the interoperability between home devices, the cloud, and the electronic health record,” explains Nancy Beale, PhD, RN-BC, Chief Nurse Executive/Chief Clinical Informatics Officer at Telemetrix. “Advancements in remote and continuous patient care are eliminating the need for every healthcare interaction to be in an office. Virtual care is evolving into interactive care, connecting the hospital to the home.” About Piedmont Healthcare At Piedmont, we deliver healthcare marked by compassion and sustainable excellence in a progressive environment, guided by physicians, delivered by exceptional professionals, and inspired by the communities we serve. Piedmont is a not-for-profit, community health system comprised of 22 hospitals and 37,00+ employees. Since the beginning, Piedmont has been a pioneer in patient care, fulfilling the health care needs of Atlanta residents and the surrounding communities. Today - more than 110 years since it was founded - Piedmont is known as a leading hospital system in cancer care, treatment of heart disease and organ transplantation.

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HealthJoy, a benefits navigation platform that amplifies employer benefit strategies to contain healthcare costs and helps members lead healthier lives, has announced an expanded partnership with Teladoc Health, Inc., the global leader in whole-person virtual care, to introduce virtual primary care. HealthJoy Virtual Primary Care, powered by Teladoc Health, provides a fully integrated primary care experience that supports members throughout their entire healthcare journey. The solution will further enhance HealthJoy's comprehensive suite of virtual care offerings that already includes adult and adolescent mental health, chronic care management, dermatology, employee assistance program services, musculoskeletal therapy, nutrition, tobacco cessation, and urgent care. By creating a seamless, fully integrated, navigable healthcare experience, HealthJoy is removing the barriers that have historically prevented employees from accessing high-quality, affordable care. "We're in a unique position to support the one in three Americans who have little or no access to primary care," said Justin Holland, CEO and co-founder, HealthJoy. "This is an important step in our journey to improve access to primary care and simplify benefits navigation to make it easier for employees to be healthy and well. We're proud to partner with Teladoc Health to make our vision a reality." The company provides in-depth benefits navigation to more than 1,000 U.S. employers, supporting the management and delivery of a premier healthcare and benefits experience to nearly half a million employees and dependents. "As nationwide provider shortages continue to persist, we are eager to see this expansion with HealthJoy provide members with easier and more convenient access to primary care," said Kelly Bliss, President, U.S. Group Health at Teladoc Health. ABOUT HEALTHJOY HealthJoy is a benefits navigation platform that is simplifying the healthcare and benefits experience for every member. HealthJoy provides a connected healthcare experience that takes the confusion and complexity out of healthcare by connecting members with the right benefits at the right moment in their care journey. Our mobile-first platform and human concierge team bring benefits together to surface the best providers, virtual care, and savings. To learn more, visit

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Technology company Kognitiv Corporation delivers advanced loyalty management, data activation and partner collaboration solutions to enable data-driven personalization and optimization of the customer journey across its innovative, omnichannel SaaS platform. Next week, Kognitiv is excited to officially launch a new AI-driven predictive customer insights and activation tool, Kognitiv Pulse, a solution that monitors the health of your customer base, predicts future behaviour and identifies risks and opportunities while enabling you to act quickly on these insights. Anchored on Kognitiv's proprietary SmartJourney® customer lifecycle methodology, Kognitiv Pulse is powered by proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning software. It enables marketers to drive efficiencies by identifying – at an individual level - which customers to engage proactively and helps them focus on activities that grow their bottom line. "This tool is exciting because it allows you to see, side-by-side, how your loyalty and non-loyalty customers are performing across key KPIs, like purchase frequency and customer lifetime value," said Anthony Wintheiser, chief product officer at Kognitiv. "It then predicts which milestone they're likely to be in next and prescribes what actions you should take next in order to keep them engaged and growing in their relationship with your brand." Previewed through a live demo to a global audience of customer engagement and loyalty experts at the Loyalty Summit CXM conference in Zurich, Switzerland, on March 16, 2023, through a live demo of the product, Kognitiv Pulse was well-received by the crowd of attendees and retail leaders like Kognitiv client PetSmart. Kognitiv's global roster of clients includes leading brands like Hallmark, Avis, Hawaiian Airlines. "We want to arm marketers with the metrics and reporting they need to not only make better decisions about how and when to engage their customers, but also to measure how those decisions are driving revenue growth," said Tim Sullivan, CEO of Kognitiv. "As an executive and former marketer, I know firsthand how valuable this product is to decision making, strategic planning and profitable revenue growth. I believe adding this revolutionary product to our arsenal will help propel Kognitiv to the levels of growth and profitability that I envisioned when I joined the firm." About Kognitiv Founded in 2008, Kognitiv is challenging global brands to redefine how they engage with their customers and deliver meaningful experiences that earn their lifetime loyalty. In June 2020, Kognitiv and Aimia's Loyalty Solutions came together to create a data and technology-led business, employing people across 20 countries worldwide. With 200+ clients and partners in more than 50 markets globally, Kognitiv is removing the complexity of cultivating loyalty, data, and partnerships, so brands can deliver enhanced value, personalization, and experiences to today's consumers, right where they are. Kognitiv's largest investors include Aimia Inc., a publicly-traded holding company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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