Dalrada Accelerates Its National Healthcare Model With Acquisition of Watson Rx Solutions

Dalrada Corporation | June 09, 2022

Dalrada Accelerates

Dalrada Corporation announced that it had acquired the pharmacy, Watson Rx Solutions, Inc. The move highlights Dalrada’s aggressive growth plans within the healthcare sector and paves the way for a total end-to-end total healthcare solution.

Adding the 10-year-old pharmacy to Dalrada Health’s comprehensive model expands the subsidiary’s synergies with potential opportunities across its products and services portfolio and offers another solution to meet patient requirements.

Dalrada envisions a comprehensive healthcare solution for all Dalrada Health clients with unique offerings that will now include: a pharmacy to facilitate prescription processing, physicians and clinicians at treatment clinics, expanding into telemedicine, engagement of Dalrada-owned testing facilities and laboratories, and utilization of Company-specific technologies to facilitate immediate growth of the business.

Watson Rx has a long history of providing excellent pharmacy services. This acquisition allows Dalrada to expand its healthcare footprint and continue to build a total health management solution on an already successful turnkey operation. As a result, the Company will be able to successfully address the health needs of even more patients.”

CEO and Founder, Brian Bonar

Through comprehensive prescription management, education, nursing, and total health management, Watson Rx Solutions' leadership team holds more than six decades of combined experience in various complex pharmacy disease states and retail services, always putting patients first.

Dalrada plans on entering the pharmaceutical space with an accelerated strategic plan to leverage the Company’s existing capabilities. Research reveals that the U.S. online and mail-order sales of drugs, health, and beauty aids were valued at 75.5 billion USD in 2020. Additionally,

  • E-commerce pharmaceutical sales and beauty aids increased from 51.7 billion USD the year prior.
  • Online, E-commerce, and mail-order sales increased from around 31 to 38 percent during the same period.

Pharmacy and drug store sales reached 300 billion USD in 2020, with over-the-counter (OTC) medication accounting for over 36 billion USD in sales during the same year, the highest-selling year to date for the OTC segment. 

Dalrada and its subsidiaries provide value by making timely and impactful products and services available within health, technology, and clean energy markets. 

About Dalrada

Dalrada Corporation drives innovation that positively impacts people, businesses, and the planet. With subsidiaries that are firmly positioned in the world’s top three-growing industries of healthcare, clean energy, and technology, Dalrada creates solutions that are sustainable, affordable, and accessible.

The company works continually to produce disruptive products and services that accelerate positive change for current and future generations. Dalrada’s global solutions directly address climate change, post-pandemic gaps in the healthcare industry, and technology solutions for a new era of human behavior and interaction, ensuring a bright future for the world around us.



BMI Healthcare is the UK's largest private hospital group in the U.K, with 59 hospitals and clinics throughout the UK. What we do is in our name, it expresses its commitment to providing high quality healthcare, reiterating that there are two sides to healthcare; clinical expertise and caring support for the patient.


BMI Healthcare is the UK's largest private hospital group in the U.K, with 59 hospitals and clinics throughout the UK. What we do is in our name, it expresses its commitment to providing high quality healthcare, reiterating that there are two sides to healthcare; clinical expertise and caring support for the patient.

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