Cognizant Collaborates with Microsoft to Offer New Virtual Healthcare Solution for Remote Patient Monitoring and Improved Care

Cognizant | March 02, 2022

Cognizant today announced it is collaborating with Microsoft to deliver a new digital health solution to enhance remote patient monitoring for improved medical care.

Cognizant's new solution, leveraging components of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, is the first of several planned offerings that combine remote patient monitoring and virtual health, utilizing products like smart watches, blood pressure monitors, and glucose meters to collect and communicate patient health data to providers. Built-in analytics allow providers to cross-reference historical health information to gain patient insights and potentially identify early warning signs of chronic conditions so preventative measures can be taken. Additionally, the solution's remote capabilities enable telehealth visits, which continue to be a valuable option to mitigate barriers of care for patients with accessibility constraints, as well as implement time-sensitive interventions and improve personalized care. With chronic diseases expected to account for 70% of global deaths by 2030, advancements in digital integration are quickly becoming recognized as an optimal approach to preventing, managing, and treating disease.*

As an early Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare partner, Cognizant has designed a solution that leverages Microsoft Azure services including FHIR, API Services, and Teams integration to improve scalability and reliability. This digital healthcare endeavor is backed by Cognizant's dedicated Microsoft Business Group, bringing together Cognizant's digital modernization expertise with Microsoft's focus on building Industry Clouds to deliver a commercially available, comprehensive, healthcare solution.

This new offering is the first in a series of digital healthcare solutions from Cognizant as the company accelerates its client offerings aimed at implementing advanced healthcare technology to increase patient engagement, enhance personalized care, provide remote patient monitoring, and facilitate improved patient outcomes. Future offerings will build upon existing solution capabilities to help clients expedite implementation.

"The bridging of technology and healthcare is creating new opportunities to improve how providers monitor the health of their patients and engage with them for time-sensitive interventions. Utilizing data analytics, secure cloud technology and interoperability products, our collaboration with Microsoft offers a unique, scalable solution that aims to connect providers and patients, and enhances the quality, timeliness, and personalization of healthcare."

Surya Gummadi, Head of Cognizant Healthcare

"Cognizant's new virtual healthcare solution utilizes differentiated capabilities, built on the secure and compliant Microsoft Cloud, that make it easy for people to collect and share health data using their own devices, while ensuring that providers have the data and insights they need to diagnose and treat patients," said Tom McGuinness, Corporate Vice President, Global Healthcare and Life Sciences, Microsoft. "We look forward to combining our technologies and collective expertise to deliver additional solutions that offer high quality healthcare and enable patient well-being."

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The healthcare industry has widely acknowledged that the more we understand a patient’s unique healthcare journey the greater the chance we have at a positive health outcome. How does that concept tie in to real-word data (RWD)?


The healthcare industry has widely acknowledged that the more we understand a patient’s unique healthcare journey the greater the chance we have at a positive health outcome. How does that concept tie in to real-word data (RWD)?

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On February 22, 2023, WellSky®, a leading provider of health and community care technology, announced that it has partnered with Silverado, a hospice, palliative care, and memory care company, to enhance the quality of care provided to patients while boosting clinical staff efficiency using WellSky® Hospice & Palliative software and analytics tools. Silverado, founded in 1996, provides personalized medical, social, and spiritual care to almost 3,000 patients nationwide. Its tailored approach includes disease-specific approaches and patient-focused quality-of-life programs that benefit patients and their families. Silverado staff is dementia-certified and trained to provide IV hydration and antibiotics to high-acuity hospice and palliative patients in the comfort of their own homes, saving them time in the hospital. Silverado began exploring new electronic health record (EHR) platforms with a growing emphasis on its palliative care program and an intention to streamline clinician workflows. Silverado determined that WellSky® could support the unique needs of both its hospice and palliative care programs while enhancing clinical documentation efficiency with its WellSky® Hospice & Palliative solution. By implementing WellSky® technology, which enables easier, quicker, and more flexible documentation, Silverado's clinicians will improve their work-life balance, which is an essential aspect of the organization's culture. In addition, staff at Silverado will utilize WellSky®'s hospice-specific and palliative-specific revenue cycle capabilities to bill seamlessly for both fee-for-service and value-based care. They will also leverage WellSky® CareInsightsTM for Hospice to prioritize family support and skilled care at the most critical time with seven-day mortality risk predictions. WellSky®'s care transition solutions will also allow staff to streamline referral management. The WellSky® Hospice & Palliative solution was recently recognized as the best Hospice (Independent) solution in the Best in KLAS Awards 2023. Best in KLAS recognizes software and services companies that excel at assisting healthcare professionals in improving patient care based on extensive evaluations and discussions with thousands of healthcare providers. About Silverado Silverado is a nationally recognized provider of hospice, palliative, and memory care services, with locations across ten states in the United States. Since its founding in 1996, the certified Great Place to Work company has been dedicated to transforming how the world cares for individuals with memory loss and other chronic or acute conditions. This mission empowers the company clinicians to deliver the utmost dignity, respect, freedom, and quality of life to residents and patients. Its headquarters is in Irvine, California.

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