CeloNova Announces New Strategic Direction Focused on Creating Partnership

CeloNova BioSciences, Inc. | April 08, 2022

CeloNova Announces

CeloNova BioSciences, Inc. developer and manufacturer of a portfolio of novel surfaced coated technologies, including the proprietary Polyzene™-F nanocoating, announced the strategic decision to focus its core business on creating partnership and co-development opportunities with medical device manufacturers seeking to optimize implant interaction within the body. The company's nanocoated innovation is the result of years of rigorous scientific research and engineering and has been extensively published in numerous academic articles to date.

"We are pleased to offer leading medical device manufacturers access to the unique clinical advantages of our Polyzene-F nanocoated technology that has clinically demonstrated low thrombosis, restenosis and inflammation with rapid healing effects," stated Carl St. Bernard, President and Chief Executive Officer of CeloNova. "This technology offers a significant benefit to companies seeking to improve the clinical performance of their implant technologies."

"I fully support CeloNova's new strategic direction which allows medical device manufacturers to benefit from long-term biocompatibility and thromboresistance of Polyzene-F. When my students and I set out to study the hemocompatibility of this inorganic polymer in our lab in Heidelberg Germany, we soon realized its potential to significantly limit a wide range of implant complications and being broadly applied in the human body and in biomedical devices."

Professor Dr. Michael Grunze, Former Chair and Professor (emeritus) at the Institute of Applied Physical Chemistry of the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg and co-inventor of Polyzene-F

CeloNova is based on a rich history of medical innovation with two PzF coated medical implants successfully commercialized in the U.S. and the EU. The company's PzF coated embolic microspheres product line was sold to Boston Scientific in 2015 and the COBRA PzF NanoCoated Coronary Stent, was developed to safely and effectively treat patients who may benefit from 1-month of dual antiplatelet therapy.  CeloNova's new business direction builds upon the successful application of PzF in interventional oncology and cardiology and expands its opportunities through the development of new surface coating technologies to address important unmet clinical needs.

"In my pre-clinical research at CVPath since 2012, CeloNova's proprietary Polyzene-F coating has consistently demonstrated a unique advantage of allowing an implant to heal quickly and in a functional way, without the need for antiproliferative drug elution," stated Aloke Finn, MD, Medical Director and Chief Scientific Officer at CVPath and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland. "I believe Polyzene-F will continue to play an important role in delivering safety and efficacy in clinical practice."

Polyzene-F is a proprietary, ultra-pure and highly elastic surface coating possessing unique mechanical properties that allow an implant to be coated at a nanoscale level. The coating acts as a biocompatible barrier between the implant, intimal surface and circulating elements in the blood and has demonstrated thromboresistant and anti-inflammatory properties with significantly faster, higher quality healing compared to market-leading technologies.1*

About CeloNova BioSciences, Inc.

CeloNova BioSciences, Inc. is a global medical device company that develops, manufactures and markets novel surfaced coated technologies, including its proprietary Polyzene™-F nanocoating. The next generation nanocoating is the result of years of rigorous scientific research and engineering and has been extensively published in numerous academic articles to date. 


How advances in imaging technology and the use of artificial intelligence and analytics are improving the accuracy and cost of medical imaging for early cancer diagnosis, and increasing confidence in vital preventive screening programs.


How advances in imaging technology and the use of artificial intelligence and analytics are improving the accuracy and cost of medical imaging for early cancer diagnosis, and increasing confidence in vital preventive screening programs.

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MedCrypt's Heimdall SaaS Solution will Monitor Accuray's Medical Device Software for Vulnerabilities and Provide Alerts if an Exposure is identified

MedCrypt, Inc. | November 18, 2020

MedCrypt Inc., the main supplier of proactive security answers for the medical care space, today declared Accuray has picked MedCrypt's Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and Vulnerability Tracking Software, Heimdall, to help upgrade observing the advanced security stance of the organization's arrangement of radiation therapy conveyance, arranging, and information the executives arrangements. Accuray innovations empower clinical consideration groups to convey progressed malignancy therapies to patients, limiting the measure of sound tissue encompassing tumors that is presented to superfluous high-portion radiation. "The work being done to treat cancer is some of the most important work in the healthcare industry and we are proud to partner with Accuray to help enhance the security posture of its life-saving technologies," said Mike Kijewski, CEO of MedCrypt. "Our solution gathers critical vulnerability data from the National Vulnerability Database, giving us an accurate rundown of potential exposures, so we can respond quickly if a problem is found. With MedCrypt focused on the security aspect, Accuray can focus on their clinical expertise." Accuray advancements in radiotherapy incorporate two of the most exact and exact radiation therapy conveyance frameworks in the business — the CyberKnife® and the TomoTherapy® stages, including the cutting edge Radixact® System — empowering clinicians to convey more customized and more viable therapies. MedCrypt's Heimdall programming will contrast these frameworks' SBOM with the National Vulnerability Database from the National Institute of Standards and Technology to recognize known programming weaknesses. In the event that a realized weakness is distinguished in the SBOM, MedCrypt will inform Accuray with alarms, and the on-going assistance will consistently screen for weaknesses in any SBOM transferred into the framework. "Patients treated with the Accuray systems are our number one priority and augmenting the security of our technologies against potential vulnerabilities is increasingly important," said Frank Valentino, vice president, research & development at Accuray. "We are very pleased to be working with MedCrypt. With their software, we can easily monitor our SBOMs and take immediate action if a vulnerability is identified. We can focus on creating innovative solutions for patient treatments, knowing our technologies are being monitored and protected." MedCrypt offers proactive cybersecurity solutions for medical device manufacturers to build safe and secure medical devices by design. The company recently launched its API verification tool to help secure Liberate's VentFree™ Respiratory Muscle Stimulator, a device intended to be used to treat COVID-19 patients. MedCrypt also welcomed Michael McNeil to its board of directors, reaffirming its commitment to proactive cybersecurity and the promise that clinical functionality, patient safety, and care delivery are always the highest priority. About MedCrypt, Inc. MedCrypt is a San Diego-based company that provides proactive security for healthcare technology. MedCrypt's platform brings core cybersecurity features to medical devices with just a few lines of code, ensuring devices are secure by design. MedCrypt announced a $5.3 million Series A funding round in May of 2019, bringing the total funds raised to $9.4 million with participation from Eniac Ventures, Section 32, Y Combinator, and more. The company is based in San Diego, California.

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Mpowered Health Announces Partnership with eHealth to Help Consumers Select and Enroll in Medicare and Individual & Family Health Insurance Plans

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Mpowered Health, a consumer health empowerment company, today announced a partnership with eHealth, Inc., a leading online health insurance marketplace. Through its partnership with eHealth, Mpowered Health's consumers who include seniors, uninsured and underinsured families, can now review, compare, and enroll in a broad selection of plans, with access to tools that will help them find plans covering their preferred doctors and personal prescription drug needs at the lowest price. "Our vision is to provide consumers the convenience, choice, transparency and access they need to make better healthcare decisions for themselves and their families. Providing a convenient, personalized coverage purchasing experience is aligned with this vision. We are pleased to partner with eHealth in bringing this convenience to our consumers." Nandini Devi, Founder & CEO, Mpowered Health "Mpowered Health's commitment to promoting market transparency and empowering consumers makes it a natural partner for eHealth," said John Connor, eHealth's Vice President and General Manager of Strategic Partnerships. "At eHealth, we're dedicated to serving the needs of all health insurance consumers, from individuals and families to Medicare beneficiaries, by helping them find the very best coverage for their personal needs and budget. We're excited to work with Mpowered Health toward that goal." Prior to founding Mpowered Health, Nandini co-founded ZeOmega and helped scale it into one of the largest population health management solutions companies in the industry. Nandini founded Mpowered Health in February 2019 as a bold move intended to give consumers a voice, the transparency, the choice, the access and the convenience they need to manage their own and their family's healthcare from birth to end-of-life. About Mpowered Health Mpowered Health is a consumer-driven healthcare technology company committed to creating a better healthcare experience for consumers and enterprises. The California-based company empowers consumers to take charge of their healthcare by providing mobile-led solutions that improve transparency, choice, access and convenience. About eHealth eHealth, Inc. operates a leading health insurance marketplace at and with technology that provides consumers with health insurance enrollment solutions. Since 1997, eHealth has connected more than 8 million members with quality, affordable health insurance, Medicare options, and ancillary plans. eHealth's proprietary marketplace offers Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Part D prescription drug, individual, family, small business and other plans from over 200 health insurance carriers across 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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BAYADA Launches New Digital Services for Hospital Joint Venture and Health Plan Partners

BAYADA | February 28, 2022

BAYADA Home Health Care, a leading not-for-profit home health care provider today launched its new, innovative suite of digital care transition and coordination solutions to assist hospitals and health plan point venture partners to better serve patients in their homes and communities. BAYADA has selected digital health care company, Dina, its current technology partner, as the platform to power these new, tech-enabled services. The new digital tools leveraged by BAYADA will identify risks and track interventions as part of a new longitudinal care management program, bridging the acute and post-acute care worlds. By improving patient transitions from hospital to home-based care, BAYADA will help care teams stay connected, and create better, more cost-effective outcomes for patients and providers. In a BAYADA trial including a cohort of patients with complex care needs, the approach has already created a significant impact. Patient hospitalization and emergency department visit rates were reduced by 42% and 30%, respectively, and the progression of patients moving from their homes into long-term, facility-based nursing care has also slowed. “We’re excited to launch a highly scalable tech platform that offers seamless clinical integration, so we can coordinate multiple specialty services for seniors to help them stay safe and well cared for in their homes,” said David Baiada, CEO of BAYADA Home Health Care. “This will become increasingly important as care continues to move into homes, where people want to be.” The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of home-based care, and most older Americans say they want to age in place. “As organizations prepare to deliver care in a post-COVID world, it’s important that they not only invest in telehealth and remote patient monitoring capabilities, but also partner with forward-thinking homecare providers to better serve people in the home setting. We look forward to working with BAYADA to implement this new technology, and managing the care delivery logistics to make care-at-home safe, coordinated, reliable and excellent for patients and their families.” Ashish V. Shah, CEO of Dina The new tech-enabled services not only benefit patients, but major health systems as well, allowing BAYADA partners to: Digitally transform post-acute care (PAC) network management and streamline the transitions of care experience for patients moving from hospital to home. Create virtual care teams across disparate post-acute and community-based providers that connect physicians, nurses, care managers, patients, and their families with real-time, secure, mobile messaging, leading to fewer unplanned emergency room visits and readmissions. Implement new, innovative care-at-home delivery models that keep the home as the primary destination for medically complex patients. Address the health equity and social determinants of health (SDOH) needs for patients through data-driven partnerships with local, community-based service providers. Better support the emerging needs of family caregivers as they work to formally collaborate with care teams to deliver exceptional outcomes at a lower cost. BAYADA is one of the fastest-growing home health and hospice joint venture partners in the country and has joined forces with several major health systems and health plans in joint ventures and value-based care arrangements. About BAYADA Home Health Care BAYADA Home Health Care was founded by J. Mark Baiada in 1975 and provides nursing, rehabilitative, therapeutic, hospice and assistive care services to children, adults and seniors in the comfort of their homes. Headquartered in the Greater Philadelphia suburbs based in New Jersey, BAYADA employs more than 26,000 nurses, home health aides, therapists, medical social workers and other home health care professionals who serve their communities in 23 states from 347 locations, with locations in Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Korea and the United Kingdom. In 2018, Baiada oversaw the company’s unprecedented transition to a not-for-profit organization to ensure BAYADA’s mission, purpose and business model would endure, and to help BAYADA realize its vision of helping millions of people worldwide experience a better quality of life at home; in early May 2019, the organization served its one millionth client. About Dina Dina powers the future of home-based care. We are an AI-powered care-at-home platform and network that can activate and coordinate multiple home-based service providers, engage patients directly, and unlock timely home-based insights that increase healthy days at home. The platform creates a virtual experience for the entire healthcare team so they can communicate with each other--and help patients and families stay connected--even though they may not physically be under the same roof. Dina helps professional and family caregivers capture rich data from the home, using artificial intelligence to recommend evidence-based, non-medical interventions.

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