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CareCloud Solutions Will Help Transform Healthcare Operations for Phoenix Family Medical Clinic

CareCloud Solutions Will Help

CareCloud, Inc. a leader in healthcare technology solutions for medical practices and health systems nationwide, announced a new partnership with Phoenix Family Medical Clinic that will offer technology-enabled revenue cycle management (RCM) services and an integrated electronic health record (EHR) solution, chronic care management (CCM), and remote patient monitoring (RPM) to the Arizona-based clinic.

Phoenix Family Medical Clinic has chosen CareCloud's cutting-edge RCM solution, Concierge, to optimize their revenue and streamline administrative processes. By automating manual tasks like claims submission and follow-up, Concierge accelerates reimbursement and minimizes the potential for errors. In addition to Concierge, Phoenix will implement CareCloud Charts, an EHR platform that offers a comprehensive solution for managing patient data, including lab results, medication lists, and treatment plans. Charts facilitates seamless access and sharing of patient information, enhancing collaboration and coordination of care among healthcare providers. Phoenix will also use CareCloud Wellness, a suite of tools that include CCM and RPM. This combination will enable the clinic to efficiently manage complex care requirements for patients with chronic conditions. By remotely monitoring patients and intervening as needed, healthcare providers can minimize the risk of complications and hospitalizations and enhance patient outcomes.

These integrable solutions can completely transform operations for Phoenix Family Medical Clinic, also known as Whispering Palms, which has three locations in and around the Phoenix area serving a diverse population, including uninsured patients.

"We chose CareCloud because we needed a modern, cloud-based EHR and patient scheduling software that would enable us to provide better patient care while also improving our billing processes,” said Shallu Vaid, practice administrator at Phoenix Family Medical Center. “CareCloud's comprehensive scheduling system, e-prescribing, a patient portal, and lab integration are designed to make it easier for us to manage patient care and billing, while also improving the patient experience. With CareCloud, we have a partner we can trust to help us deliver high-quality care to our patients and thrive as a healthcare practice."

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