Bright Health Group Expands Executive Team as It Drives Performance in Scaled Businesses

Bright Health Group | May 18, 2022

Bright Health

Bright Health Group, Inc. the first technology-enabled, Fully Aligned System of Care built for healthcare's consumer retail market, announced the expansion of its leadership team with the addition of Michael Carson as Bright HealthCare Chief Executive Officer and Jeff Cook as NeueHealth Chief Executive Officer. These proven leaders, reporting directly to Bright Health Group CEO Mike Mikan, will focus on leading the Company’s two complementary businesses, as Bright HealthCare has gained scale, and NeueHealth emerges as a differentiated market player.

Carson will lead the Bright HealthCare business, which has reached scale, and will focus on driving core operational excellence, innovative consumer product and network solutions and profitable, sustainable growth. Carson brings deep experience across the payer and provider space, along with a passion for integrated and transformative healthcare innovation that drives better healthcare outcomes, experiences, and value. Most recently, Carson served as Chief Executive Officer of CareAbout, a multi-market, value-based primary and multi-specialty care start-up, and as President and Chief Executive Officer of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, a leading not-for-profit health services company. Previously, Carson held leadership positions at Anthem, AmeriGroup, Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, and ConcertoHealth.

Cook will lead NeueHealth, Bright Health Group’s personalized care delivery business, which has emerged as a differentiated market player. He will continue to grow and develop our Integrated Systems of Care. Throughout his career, Cook has consistently led initiatives that are at the forefront of value-based care and consumer-driven healthcare. Previously, Cook served as national Vice President of CVS Health HUBs, CVS’ suite of HUB clinical services. Prior to that, Cook served as the South Central Regional President of CVS Health/Aetna and held various leadership positions at Ascension Health and UnitedHealthcare.

Michael and Jeff both bring strong expertise in their respective domains, and most importantly, have a passion for and expertise in fully aligned, value-based care. As we embark on this next phase of Bright Health Group’s journey, we are excited to have these two phenomenal leaders join our already deep bench of talent within Bright HealthCare and NeueHealth.”

Mike Mikan, President and CEO, Bright Health Group

Sam Srivastava, current CEO of NeueHealth, will serve as a strategic advisor through the end of May to ensure a smooth transition. Jay Matushak, current Interim CEO of Bright HealthCare, will be returning to his previous role as CFO of Bright HealthCare, while taking on an expanded set of responsibilities.

Said Mikan, “We want to thank Sam for his many contributions to Bright Health Group and Jay for stepping up to lead Bright HealthCare in the interim. Jay has done a terrific job progressing Bright HealthCare and we look forward to him partnering with Michael as they continue the build on our platform for change in healthcare.”

About Bright Health Group

Bright Health Group is the first technology-enabled, Fully Aligned System of Care built for healthcare's consumer retail market. Our differentiated approach aligns care delivery with the financing of care to drive better outcomes, lower costs, and enhance the consumer experience. We have two market-facing businesses: NeueHealth and Bright HealthCare. NeueHealth provides care delivery and value-based enablement services to over 500,000 value-based patients through our owned and affiliated clinics. Bright HealthCare offers Commercial and Medicare health plan products to over 1.1 million consumers across the nation. We believe everyone should have access to personal, affordable, and high-quality healthcare. Our mission is to Make healthcare right. Together. 


Health Informatics software improves provider collaboration and coordination, enhances care delivery cost-effectiveness, and increases practice management accuracy and efficiency.


Health Informatics software improves provider collaboration and coordination, enhances care delivery cost-effectiveness, and increases practice management accuracy and efficiency.

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