BAYADA Launches New Digital Services for Hospital Joint Venture and Health Plan Partners

BAYADA | February 28, 2022

BAYADA Home Health Care, a leading not-for-profit home health care provider today launched its new, innovative suite of digital care transition and coordination solutions to assist hospitals and health plan point venture partners to better serve patients in their homes and communities. BAYADA has selected digital health care company, Dina, its current technology partner, as the platform to power these new, tech-enabled services.

The new digital tools leveraged by BAYADA will identify risks and track interventions as part of a new longitudinal care management program, bridging the acute and post-acute care worlds. By improving patient transitions from hospital to home-based care, BAYADA will help care teams stay connected, and create better, more cost-effective outcomes for patients and providers.

In a BAYADA trial including a cohort of patients with complex care needs, the approach has already created a significant impact. Patient hospitalization and emergency department visit rates were reduced by 42% and 30%, respectively, and the progression of patients moving from their homes into long-term, facility-based nursing care has also slowed.

“We’re excited to launch a highly scalable tech platform that offers seamless clinical integration, so we can coordinate multiple specialty services for seniors to help them stay safe and well cared for in their homes,” said David Baiada, CEO of BAYADA Home Health Care. “This will become increasingly important as care continues to move into homes, where people want to be.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of home-based care, and most older Americans say they want to age in place.

“As organizations prepare to deliver care in a post-COVID world, it’s important that they not only invest in telehealth and remote patient monitoring capabilities, but also partner with forward-thinking homecare providers to better serve people in the home setting. We look forward to working with BAYADA to implement this new technology, and managing the care delivery logistics to make care-at-home safe, coordinated, reliable and excellent for patients and their families.”

Ashish V. Shah, CEO of Dina

The new tech-enabled services not only benefit patients, but major health systems as well, allowing BAYADA partners to:

  • Digitally transform post-acute care (PAC) network management and streamline the transitions of care experience for patients moving from hospital to home.
  • Create virtual care teams across disparate post-acute and community-based providers that connect physicians, nurses, care managers, patients, and their families with real-time, secure, mobile messaging, leading to fewer unplanned emergency room visits and readmissions.
  • Implement new, innovative care-at-home delivery models that keep the home as the primary destination for medically complex patients.
  • Address the health equity and social determinants of health (SDOH) needs for patients through data-driven partnerships with local, community-based service providers.
  • Better support the emerging needs of family caregivers as they work to formally collaborate with care teams to deliver exceptional outcomes at a lower cost.

BAYADA is one of the fastest-growing home health and hospice joint venture partners in the country and has joined forces with several major health systems and health plans in joint ventures and value-based care arrangements.

About BAYADA Home Health Care
BAYADA Home Health Care was founded by J. Mark Baiada in 1975 and provides nursing, rehabilitative, therapeutic, hospice and assistive care services to children, adults and seniors in the comfort of their homes. Headquartered in the Greater Philadelphia suburbs based in New Jersey, BAYADA employs more than 26,000 nurses, home health aides, therapists, medical social workers and other home health care professionals who serve their communities in 23 states from 347 locations, with locations in Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

In 2018, Baiada oversaw the company’s unprecedented transition to a not-for-profit organization to ensure BAYADA’s mission, purpose and business model would endure, and to help BAYADA realize its vision of helping millions of people worldwide experience a better quality of life at home; in early May 2019, the organization served its one millionth client. 

About Dina
Dina powers the future of home-based care. We are an AI-powered care-at-home platform and network that can activate and coordinate multiple home-based service providers, engage patients directly, and unlock timely home-based insights that increase healthy days at home. The platform creates a virtual experience for the entire healthcare team so they can communicate with each other--and help patients and families stay connected--even though they may not physically be under the same roof. Dina helps professional and family caregivers capture rich data from the home, using artificial intelligence to recommend evidence-based, non-medical interventions. 


Exploring how medical staff and other end users in the healthcare industry performed on cybersecurity assessments across a range of topics, This report will help healthcare organizations gain a better understanding of the end-user knowledge gaps that are affecting their security postures and increasing risk. It is a valuable resource for any information security professional who is planning and executing a security awareness and training program within this industry.


Exploring how medical staff and other end users in the healthcare industry performed on cybersecurity assessments across a range of topics, This report will help healthcare organizations gain a better understanding of the end-user knowledge gaps that are affecting their security postures and increasing risk. It is a valuable resource for any information security professional who is planning and executing a security awareness and training program within this industry.

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OCHIN Joins NIH Funded AI/ML Consortium to Advance Health Equity and Researcher Diversity

Ochin, Inc | October 08, 2021

OCHIN, a national nonprofit learning network for health equity research and innovation, has been selected to lead the data and research component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) AIM-AHEAD program, a new artificial intelligence and machine learning consortium to advance health equity and researcher diversity. Under the overall leadership of the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth, the $50 million NIH initiative brings together experts in community engagement, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), health equity research, data science training, and data infrastructure to close two significant gaps in the AI/ML field: a lack of diversity in its researchers and lack of diversity in data used to train AI/ML models for industry use. Left unaddressed, these gaps threaten to exacerbate bias, racism, and inequity in the health care system, widening national health disparities. "We're proud to support this important NIH initiative because we believe that technology can, and should, drive equitable health care innovation. AI and machine learning are powerful tools to reduce clinical burden and optimize health care delivery, but their development must include the experiences and aspirations of underrepresented communities if we hope to design a health care system that effectively serves everyone." Abby Sears, CEO of OCHIN OCHIN provides affordable electronic health record (EHR) and integrated clinical support services to nearly 1,000 community health care sites that deliver high-quality care to millions of underinsured and systemically underserved patients nationwide. As the consortium's Data & Research Core, OCHIN will leverage its 21 years of expertise in health equity research and clinical quality improvement across a national network of community-based providers to advance the goals of the AIM-AHEAD program, in partnership with leading experts from diverse academic institutions across the country. OCHIN has partnered with Morehouse School of Medicine; University of California, Irvine's Program in Public Health; Duke Institute for Health Innovation; North Carolina Central University, and others to develop a data and research plan focused on monitoring for bias and health inequities throughout the full process of developing AI/ML applications. OCHIN will also leverage the existing partnerships, data, research, and engagement infrastructure of the ADVANCE Clinical Research Network (ADVANCE), which it leads with funding from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), to support AIM-AHEAD. ADVANCE brings to the consortium a large, standardized dataset representing over 7 million people to better reflect the nation's diverse health care needs, including social determinants of health. "Through the power of these partnerships, OCHIN aims to diversify the data used in building new AI/ML models to advance health disparities research and diversify the community of researchers equipped to use these advanced analytics capabilities." Jon Puro, M.P.A, AIM-AHEAD Data and Research Core Lead for OCHIN The full list of AIM-AHEAD Research and Data Core leaders includes: Principal Investigator: Jon Puro, M.P.A., (OCHIN) Multiple Principal Investigator: Anisha Abdul-Ali, D.N.P., M.P.H., B.S.N., R.N. (OCHIN) Multiple Principal Investigator: Bernadette M. Boden-Albala, M.P.H., Dr.P.H. (University of California, Irvine's Program in Public Health) Multiple Principal Investigator: Dominic H. Mack, M.D., M.B.A. (Morehouse School of Medicine) Multiple Principal Investigator: Mark Sendak, M.D., M.P.P. (Duke Institute for Health Innovation) Site Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator: Deepak Kumar, Ph.D. (North Carolina Central University) About OCHIN OCHIN is a driving force for health equity. A national nonprofit health IT organization with two decades of experience transforming health care delivery, OCHIN provides leading-edge technology, data analytics, research, and support services to nearly 1,000 community health care sites, reaching nearly 6 million patients. We partner, learn, innovate, and advocate to close gaps in health care that are systemic, avoidable, and unjust, so everyone has a fair opportunity to achieve their full health potential. ADVANCE Clinical Research Network ADVANCE is a multicenter research network led by OCHIN in partnership with Fenway Health, Health Choice Network, and Oregon Health & Science University. As the nation's most comprehensive set of health data from community-based health centers, ADVANCE integrates outpatient health record data and community-level data representing over 7 million people seen in 172 community-based health systems across 31 states. ADVANCE is funded through the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute.

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Diversified Medical Healthcare Acquires Mobile App for Employers to Easily Comply with Reinstated OSHA Mandate

DMH | December 23, 2021

With the OSHA mandate for large businesses fast approaching, Diversified Medical Healthcare (DMH) announces their acquisition of a mobile app providing easy solutions for employer mandate compliance. The app, ConfirmD, created by Buddycheque LLC, serves as a digital health wallet for each employee, keeping their medical records in one user-friendly and secure platform. With an administrator dashboard, employers can view the status of COVID-19 testing and vaccinations across their organization at-a-glance, making reporting and compliance streamlined and simple. The app can be implemented in days and will make a drastic difference for businesses and their operations in the weeks and months ahead. "Throughout the pandemic, we've worked with large businesses and organizations across the nation to effectively handle their COVID-19 management needs. We've kept up with CDC guidelines and FDA regulations to ensure the companies we work with are informed and up to date to implement best practices and keep their employees safe. ConfirmD is just one more way we're helping businesses to stay open and compliant without disruption." Kevin Murdock, CEO and Founder of Diversified Medical Healthcare ConfirmD generates custom QR codes for each app user to store their vaccination records and test results in one place. This can be accessed by a facial recognition feature for maximized privacy from any mobile device. The HIPAA compliant platform also has the capability to integrate with any laboratory information management system (LIMS) to enable employees and employers to access COVID-19 results in real-time, as soon as the lab processes the results. "We acquired ConfirmD because of the diligence that went into the development of this app," added Kevin Murdock. "Buddycheque, LLC integrated leading technology and their years of medical expertise to make this a powerful platform and a turnkey solution for both individuals and employers. We are proud to now offer ConfirmD under Diversified Medical Healthcare." Buddycheque, LLC, the company which created the ConfirmD app, was founded by Dr. Ramsey Kilani, Karl Wagner, Bob Ramsey, and Alex Chatel – who have amassed years of expertise in the industries of healthcare and tech security. The ConfirmD app is now powered by OnGen medical data management software company, which is a part of the portfolio of Diversified Medical Healthcare companies which deliver innovative solutions for the healthcare industry for molecular diagnostics, medical supplies, laboratory equipment, and medical software. Buddycheque, LLC co-founder, Ramsey Kilani stated, "We developed this app to make it as simple as possible for people to keep track of their own medical information with cutting edge technology. We are thrilled that this app is now being taken to new heights by Diversified Medical Healthcare, initially in its efforts around the COVID-19 pandemic and for its broader application for the future of healthcare." During the President's address to the nation yesterday on the Omicron variant, he stated, "We all want this to end, but we're still in it. This is the critical moment. We also have more tools than we've ever had before. We're ready. We'll get through this." ConfirmD is one of these tools now available with the latest technology to help businesses navigate this challenging time. Using ConfirmD could be the difference between the new mandate causing operational disruptions and an accumulation of unwanted fines or a seamless experience in implementing the required compliance regulations. AboutDiversified Medical Healthcare Diversified Medical Healthcare (DMH), headquartered in Greenville, SC is a holding entity with several portfolio companies providing healthcare solutions for improved patient care nationwide. Offering advanced clinical laboratory services that span throughout the US, their fully accredited laboratories include Premier Medical Laboratory Services, Dynasty Medical Laboratory Services, and First Medical Laboratory Services. DMH also provides medical supply and equipment distribution under Vessel Medical, delivers custom procedure trays for various surgical needs with CPT Medical, and helps to quickly and accurately manage medical data with their medical data software company, OnGen. DMH is your trusted partner providing advanced solutions for a healthier tomorrow.

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Medfi Veda, Veda P2P Platform Resolves Pain Points in Health-Care by Introducing a Crypto-Based P2P Lending Platform

MedicalVeda | September 29, 2020

Health is vital for anyone irrespective of their origin, race, ethnicity, nationality or financial status. While for some it is affordable, not everyone has the budget to easily afford medical care, especially in emergencies or length medical procedures. When a person lacks the money, and the medical procedure is vital for existence, almost everyone thinks about spending the capital they possess in the form of assets such as gold, bonds or property. Similarly, It is well known that the cash flow of healthcare practices, whether it be medical, dental or veterinarian, is unpredictable and can be inconsistent. Submission of payment, in majority cases by insurance companies, may take weeks or even months, which is beyond the control of the medical practitioner or respective organization, which ultimately may result in adversely affecting their efficiency.

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