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athenahealth Expands Mobile EHR Voice Capabilities for Healthcare Providers

athenahealth, Inc. | June 29, 2022

athenahealth Expands

athenahealth, Inc., a leading provider of network-enabled software and services for medical groups and health systems nationwide, announced the release of athenaOne® Voice Assistant Powered by Nuance®, a mobile-embedded, voice-driven digital companion that streamlines information retrieval and enables hands-free completion of meaningful clinical tasks for healthcare providers using athenahealth’s electronic health records (EHR) solution. Leveraging the power of their voice and iOS-based mobile device, clinicians can spend less time on the computer and more time interacting with patients.

Voice Assistant is a natural command-based, virtual assistant developed and built by athenahealth and powered by Nuance's Dragon Medical technology. Voice Assistant is available for use with the award-winning athenaOne mobile app and athenaOne® Dictation Powered by Nuance®, which allows clinicians to dictate patient documentation naturally and accurately. Together, athenahealth’s voice-enabled solutions help clinicians improve documentation accuracy, save time, and provide a better patient experience.

According to a recent survey by athenahealth, 92% of physicians surveyed report one or more issues cause them to feel burned out on a regular basis with the leading cause of regular burnout being excessive documentation requirements. However, numerous clinicians using Voice Assistant have experienced significant documentation time savings, thus allowing them to reallocate their time to other high-priority tasks.

I started using Voice Assistant because I’m curious about tech and AI, and I wanted to see if it would help me be more productive. Because I can so easily document anywhere, anytime, I’ve found it to be very useful and convenient, and it helps me make better use of my time. I wouldn’t want to work without it now.”

Dr. Terence M. Grogan, DO, FAAFP, Grogan Family Medicine

Using simple, intuitive voice commands, clinicians using Voice Assistant can document exams, create draft orders, retrieve clinical information, and review their schedule to accelerate tasks and save valuable time. As an AI-backed technology, Voice Assistant will become even smarter and more efficient with widespread use, and athenahealth will continue to expand the number of available commands and introduce new use cases.

“We are delighted to expand our provider mobile app capabilities with Voice Assistant as we continue to transform the provider and patient experience,” said Paul Brient, chief product officer for athenahealth. “Clinicians should be able to experience technology at work just like they do in their everyday lives, and Voice Assistant brings us one step closer to that.”

Brient added that with provider burnout and patient expectations increasing simultaneously, athenahealth is focused on accelerating product innovation, using tools like AI to help solve some of healthcare's biggest challenges. “As our data show, administrative requirements are taking too much time and attention away from providers, and it’s the responsibility of all EHR companies to decrease that burden so providers can spend more face time with patients,” he said.

About athenahealth, Inc.

athenahealth creates innovative healthcare technology that connects clinicians, patients, payers, and partners in differentiated ways. Our electronic health records, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement tools allow anytime, anywhere access, driving better financial outcomes for our customers and enabling our provider customers to deliver better quality care. In everything we do, we’re inspired by our vision to create a thriving ecosystem that delivers accessible, high-quality, and sustainable healthcare for all. 


The University of Galway is bringing 5G connectivity to Clare Island in Ireland, improving digital inclusion and access to quality care.


The University of Galway is bringing 5G connectivity to Clare Island in Ireland, improving digital inclusion and access to quality care.

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Innovative New Tool Empowers Unprecedented Health Plan Efficiency

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Valera Health, a telemental healthcare provider known for its high-quality and accessible care, announced its comprehensive mental health services are now in-network for some Humana Medicare Advantage members. Valera's services are now available to Humana Medicare Advantage members in 10 states with nationwide expansion coming in September. Valera provides measurement-based virtual services across the continuum of care from mild to serious mental illness. Valera's multidisciplinary service model provides therapy, medication management and case management services in one place. "We are looking forward to partnering with Valera Health to support the behavioral health needs in our Medicare Advantage population across our mutual footprint," said Cassie Gochenaur, Humana's Associate Vice President of Behavioral Health. "With a growing demand for all levels of behavioral health support, strong provider partnerships for both in-person and virtual care are a key aspect of ensuring quality and timely care for our membership." Valera's team-based care model and proprietary technology allows providers to treat patients in Healthcare Provider Shortage Areas (HPSAs) or those who may not be able to access care in person. Expanding teleheath care options makes it easier for Humana's members to access the care they need through a large network of qualified clinicians. Research shows that 25% of Medicare beneficiaries have a mental illness. Through this collaboration between Humana and Valera, these expanded care options will offer support to beneficiaries seeking mental health care, including those with serious mental illness. "We're thrilled to be able to serve Humana's Medicare beneficiaries across the country with high-quality mental health care," said Dr. Tom Tsang, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Valera Health. "Humana's continuous dedication to whole-person care and well-being makes them a great partner in making these critical services accessible and affordable to all who need it." Valera's services are available to more than 60 million lives across 10 states. Valera works with large health systems, primary care, and specialty providers to ensure patient's mental health care is integrated in a whole-person view. About Valera Health Founded by a team of highly experienced physicians and clinicians, at the heart of Valera Health is the belief that high-quality mental healthcare should be affordable and accessible for all. We also believe that mental healthcare shouldn't be "one size fits all, which is why Valera Health tailors its services to fulfill the individual needs of each patient using a complete care model. Our diverse team is transforming telemental healthcare one patient at a time. About Humana Humana Inc. is committed to putting health first – for our teammates, our customers, and our company. Through our Humana insurance services, and our CenterWell health care services, we make it easier for the millions of people we serve to achieve their best health – delivering the care and service they need, when they need it. These efforts are leading to a better quality of life for people with Medicare, Medicaid, families, individuals, military service personnel, and communities at large.

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