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AESOP Technology Wins Coveted Place in Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate Program to Build Better AI Model for Healthcare

AESOP TECHNOLOGY | August 23, 2022 | Read time : 02:00 min

AESOP Technology

AESOP Technology announced that they have been accepted into Mayo Clinic Platform Accelerate, a 20-week program that helps early-stage health tech AI startups get market-ready.

Participants are selected through a competitive screening process where a panel of Mayo Clinic leaders reviews them from the clinical and operational perspective, led by John Halamka, MD., President of Mayo Clinic Platform.

"It's an excellent opportunity for a medical AI startup like us. Data is the fuel from which everything grows into power, and this program provides de-identified patient datasets and tools to help us validate our solutions. This practical experience will help us go even further in developing better products. The fact that we get to be mentored by Mayo Clinic's reputable experts is inspiring."

Jeremiah Scholl, the CPO of AESOP Technology

'AESOP',  which stands for 'AI-Enhanced Safety of Prescription', is working to make physician data entry easier, faster, and less error-prone using machine learning on 3.2 billion data sets. The company has developed products capable of this. One is RxPrime which detects wrong drug errors by checking if medications match patients' diagnoses, age, and gender.

Errors can happen at any stage of the medication-use process, but more than 50% of them occur during the prescribing phase. RxPrime is able to detect potential and unexplained errors in prescriptions and provide optimal recommendations, even for the look-alike-sound-alike medication errors. It offers just-in-time decision support without interfering unnecessarily with the clinical consultation process.

The other is AESOP Technology's latest clinical documentation improvement tool, DxPrime, making it easier for doctors to input correct diagnoses into electronic health record systems. This task can be challenging as there are 68,000 different diagnosis codes under the International Classification of Diseases. The ICD codes were designed to support insurance and billing rather than clinical medicine.

"Medical professionals are more overwhelmed with their workload after the pandemic. How AI can support them gains more importance," says Jim Long, the CEO of AESOP Technology. "AI is transforming the healthcare industry in a variety of ways, like any other industry. Healthcare has unique challenges, and this program will help us be more grounded."

As a participant of the Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate, AESOP Technology is glad to expose themselves to real-world applications, which helps cultivate future growth in this rapidly progressing field.  As part of the program, Mayo Clinic will take an equity position in the startup.

About AESOP Technology
AESOP aims to optimize the clinical decision support process with more flexible AI-powered technology to improve patient safety and medical coding quality.


MUSE NX - Cardiac information management with a friendlier IT integration.


MUSE NX - Cardiac information management with a friendlier IT integration.

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