Advantus and GE HealthCare Announce Deal to Expand HTM Service Access

Advantus Health Partners | March 03, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

Advantus and GE HealthCare

On March 2, 2023, Advantus Health Partners, a healthcare solutions company that improves supply chain models for healthcare organizations, and GE HealthCare, one of the world's largest medical equipment maintenance companies, announced a 10-year, $760 million agreement to provide GE HealthCare's HTM services to Advantus Health Partners' clients.

Advantus Health Partners' clients can use the Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) program to manage all medical equipment in a healthcare facility. This includes regular maintenance, checking for recalls and taking care of them, cleaning and distributing the equipment, and so on.

The program's proactive data security monitoring and efforts to standardize how healthcare organizations manage their equipment can help clients cut costs and boost productivity. Besides, the clients will also have access to Encompass, a real-time locating system from GE HealthCare that records and pinpoints a provider's equipment so that caregivers can spend more time with patients and less time looking for it. In addition, a proactive servicing plan for endoscopes is offered as part of an advanced scopes program and advanced asset management.

Mohamed El-Demerdash, GE HealthCare U.S. and Canada Services President, expressed, "We are excited to build a healthier future by managing the comprehensive service needs of healthcare providers and helping ensure they have the latest technology available to provide quality care to their patients." He added, "Together with Advantus Health Partners, we will support health care organizations as they continue to evolve and adapt to meet their ever-changing needs and those of the communities they serve."

(Source – Business Wire)

Advantus Health Partners and GE HealthCare have expanded their partnership to provide healthcare providers with a scalable, end-to-end solution for controlling medical equipment performance and risk.

About Advantus Health Partners

Advantus Health Partners is a provider of healthcare solutions that aid in achieving corporate objectives through improved operations, corporate purchasing, and supply chain management. The company has expertise in distribution and logistics, inventory management, clinical integration, and many other adaptable supply chain solutions. It is passionate about reducing workflows and increasing scale. Its partners include ambulatory surgery centers, academic medical centers, critical access hospitals, regional integrated delivery networks, national health systems, and physician clinics.


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AmerisourceBergen Announces Pharmacy Telehealth Partnership with SteadyMD

businesswire | May 05, 2023

AmerisourceBergen (AB), a global healthcare company, has announced a strategic partnership with SteadyMD, a B2B telehealth infrastructure provider that powers high-quality telehealth patient experiences for leaders and innovators in healthcare. The two organizations have kicked off their collaboration with the cocreation of a telehealth solution focused on Test to Treat opportunities. The solution is being offered as a pilot to independent community pharmacies across the US. “The Test to Treat initiative is an important acknowledgement of the role of pharmacists and pharmacies as accessible healthcare providers and destinations,” said Jenni Zilka, Senior Vice President, Good Neighbor Pharmacy Field Programs & Services at AmerisourceBergen. “In order for pharmacies to continue making a sustainable impact on the communities they serve, we need to continue providing them the tools, resources, and authority to provide necessary clinical services, where appropriate. AmerisourceBergen’s exploration of a telehealth solution with SteadyMD to enhance the scope of the Test to Treat model is just one way we’re continuing to support the important role of the pharmacist in the healthcare ecosystem.” AmerisourceBergen’s telehealth solution is being developed to expand the number of Test to Treat services that independent pharmacies can offer to patients. The Test to Treat initiative was launched in 2022 to help provide quick and equitable access to COVID-19 testing and treatment in the early days of infection. The model is intended to provide a seamless patient experience and designed to reach high-risk, underserved populations. With its telehealth solution, AmerisourceBergen is evaluating the long-term viability of the Test to Treat model for use cases, beyond COVID-19, to improve access to treatment. The pilot program has been launched across a group of 130 independent retail pharmacies, including members of the Good Neighbor Pharmacy network. Over a span of 12 weeks, pilot participants will utilize the SteadyMD platform to provide patients with a quick and accessible Test to Treat option within their pharmacy, at an affordable price. Patients can test for an illness or condition and then, if deemed necessary by a SteadyMD physician, consult with them on demand through the telehealth platform and receive a prescription for treatment. "We're excited to embark on a commercial partnership with AmerisourceBergen and welcome the company to our supportive family of investors," said Guy Friedman, CEO of SteadyMD. "As we continue our mission to save leaders and innovators in healthcare time, money, and resources by helping them stand up their telehealth practices, AmerisourceBergen’s collaboration and investment will further strengthen our best-in-class technology, clinical operations, and nationwide clinician workforce, while bolstering our unwavering commitment to becoming the backbone powering modern healthcare." “AmerisourceBergen has an ongoing commitment to delivering innovation for its customers and aligning with organizations that are transforming healthcare through bold thinking, solutions, and programs,” said Jason Dinger, SVP of Global Product and Solutions at AmerisourceBergen. “Working with SteadyMD, we look forward to collaborating on a telehealth offering to help our pharmacy customers drive value for their patients and their bottom lines.” Pharmacies participating in the telehealth pilot program can use the solution to help patients obtain COVID-19 oral antiviral therapies, as appropriate. AmerisourceBergen and SteadyMD will continuously evaluate opportunities to expand use cases during and after the program. In addition to the commercial partnership, AmerisourceBergen has also made an investment in SteadyMD through its venture fund AB Health Ventures. About AmerisourceBergen AmerisourceBergen is a leading global pharmaceutical solutions organization centered on improving the lives of people and animals around the world. We partner with pharmaceutical innovators across the value chain to facilitate and optimize market access to therapies. Care providers depend on us for the secure, reliable delivery of pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, and solutions. Our 44,000+ worldwide team members contribute to positive health outcomes through the power our purpose: We are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures. AmerisourceBergen is ranked #10 on the Fortune 500 and #21 on the Global Fortune 500 with more than $200 billion in annual revenue.

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DocGo Announces Strategic Mobile Health Agreement with Fresenius Medical Care

Businesswire | April 26, 2023

DocGo a leading provider of last-mile mobile health services, announced it has entered into a preferred provider agreement with Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) – the largest provider of kidney dialysis treatment in the United States. This preferred provider agreement includes remote patient monitoring, principal care management, chronic care management, and urgent care services. DocGo has been an FMC preferred medical transportation partner since 2019. The new multi-year agreement, expected to start on May 1, 2023, advances DocGo’s mission to provide high-quality, technology-driven care to patients, where it’s needed, when it’s needed, and ensure better experiences and outcomes. DocGo’s remote patient monitoring services will provide a solution for nephrologists to extend their reach and better manage patients’ conditions. Additionally, DocGo capabilities include after-hours support for urgent care needs, both treating on scene as well as ambulance transport when necessary. “Our relationship with Fresenius Medical Care positions DocGo to assist nephrologists with patient treatment, while growing and offering services that enable us to do what we do best: provide proactive care that mitigates a patient’s chance of hospitalization,” said Anthony Capone, CEO of DocGo. “By providing services such as remote patient monitoring, chronic care management and 24x7 mobile urgent care, our top-rated medical professionals can operate as an extension of nephrologists to help develop successful and accessible treatment plans that keep patients healthy longer.” DocGo's suite of services can help nephrologists better manage the condition of the 780,000-end stage renal disease patients and millions of chronic kidney disease patients that are currently estimated to reside in the U.S. by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. DocGo uses data from its remote patient monitoring program to continually assess a patient’s condition. If necessary, DocGo can also dispatch urgent care services and medical transportation to patients in need of immediate attention. By integrating into DocGo’s existing infrastructure and leveraging DocGo’s world-class AI technology, this DocGo/Fresenius Medical Care collaboration will help more patients manage their condition, stay healthier in their homes, and have beneficial health outcomes. About DocGo DocGo is a leading provider of last-mile mobile care services. DocGo is disrupting the traditional four-wall healthcare system by providing high quality, highly affordable care to patients where and when they need it. DocGo's innovative technology and dedicated field staff of certified health professionals elevate the quality of patient care and drive business efficiencies for facilities, hospital networks, and health insurance providers. With Mobile Health, DocGo empowers the full promise and potential of telehealth by facilitating healthcare treatment, in tandem with a remote physician, in the comfort of a patient's home or workplace. Together with DocGo's integrated Ambulnz medical transport services, DocGo is bridging the gap between physical and virtual care.

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Orion Health strengthens North American operations with new technology and leadership

prnewswire | March 27, 2023

Orion Health, a global leader in population health software, is strengthening its position in North America with new technology and the appointment of James Rice as Executive Vice President for North America. With operations in 12 U.S States and seven Canadian Provinces, the company has long been at the forefront of transformational Digital Health in North America. Orion Health is continuing on this path with the launch of the Amadeus Unified Healthcare Platform leading away from traditional broken healthcare systems, by creating patient-first digital health solutions. Alongside his new position, Rice will continue in his strategic role on the Orion Health global Executive Leadership Team with responsibility for the company's sales, business growth and marketing strategy. His new role will see Orion Health having a global executive on the ground in North America and demonstrates the company's confidence and commitment to this significant market. Brad Porter, Orion Health Global Chief Executive says the North American health sector is in desperate need for innovative technology to reduce the strain brought on by the pandemic and the ever-increasing shortage of medical professionals. "To overcome the challenges facing the sector today, we need to reimagine how IT can improve healthcare by giving more time back to medical professionals and making health systems easier for users to navigate. We're already seeing how Digital Front Door technology is achieving this in parts of Canada, and we look forward to introducing these solutions across more regions in North America," says Porter. Orion Health has been operating in North America for more than 25 years. In addition to its DFD, Orion Health has developed over 30 state or province-wide Digital Care Records (DCR) or health information exchanges across the US and Canada, allowing health information to flow seamlessly to and from authorized organizations and individuals across the state. Amadeus Unified Healthcare Platform In 2023 Orion Health is reinventing its Amadeus Unified Healthcare Platform, which is made up of its Digital Care Record (DCR), Digital Front Door (DFD), and its new Health Intelligence Platform (HIP). "HIP is an exciting new health-centric solution that helps customers get the most out of their data. As a core component of the Amadeus Unified Healthcare Platform, HIP is a scalable, modular data solution that compliments the full range of products in the Amadeus suite. "James will lead the implementation of Orion Health's Amadeus Unified Healthcare Platform strategy across North America, and thus will play an instrumental role in improving health outcomes for the region," says Porter. In his new role, Rice is leading the North American arm of Orion Health as well as the Middle East. He is responsible for creating and leading revenue streams focused on these markets. With more than 25 years of experience, five of which at Orion Health, James's experience makes him the perfect candidate to lead the team working to deliver the right care, to the right people, at the right time. "The North American market is hugely important to Orion Health. I'm looking forward to engaging with existing and prospective customers, showing them how our transformational new technology will change the game for healthcare," says Rice. About Orion Health Orion Health is a global healthcare technology company focused on reimagining healthcare for all. We are leading the change in digital health with health and care organizations to improve the wellbeing of every individual with our world leading Unified Healthcare Platform. Made up of a Digital Front Door, Digital Care Record, and Intelligence Platform - each underpinned by extensive health and social data sets, machine learning, and 30 years of innovation focused purely on improving global well-being.

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