AVIA runs the nation’s leading network for health systems seeking to innovate and transform through digital strategy. The AVIA Innovator Network brings together action-oriented health systems to solve pressing challenges that are ripe for digital innovation. Network members collaborate on strategic initiatives like consumer engagement and post-discharge success. With AVIA’s rigorous process and the power of collaboration, members identify, deploy, and scale the best digital solutions to achieve financial and clinical impact.


Ted Meisel is a lawyer, executive, investor, and co-founder. During a January 17 live-streamed Tales from the Trenches event at Chicago-based Matter, he shared stories from his background and a bit of advice based on all the hats he wears.
After graduating from Stanford Law School, Meisel did consulting work at McKinsey. But ultimately, he realized it wasn’t the right gig for him. The realization came to him when he was told that he was about to be made a junior partner.


The AMC will start operations that are recorded in the medical variant of what is called the black box in aviation. The Surgical Black Box is a computer system that records during surgery, combines and analyzes in order to provide targeted feedback to the surgical team. The system comes from Canada and is tested in the AMC for the first time in Europe. The use of the black box offers employees better understand their own performance as a team in the operating room and thereby increases safety fo...

About five years ago, Dr. Michael Hicks tells me, the UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth invited a man named Christopher Hart to speak during an industry symposium regarding patient safety and medical errors. Hart had nothing to do with healthcare. Not with how it’s delivered, paid for, or scrutinized—none of that. In fact, Hart monitors the safety of the transportation industry. He’s now the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, the independent federal agency that digs into...


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