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XRHealth Launches First Virtual Reality TeleHealth Clinic

February 12, 2020 / Fred Pennic

XRHealth, formerly known as VRHealth, the leader in extended reality and therapeutic applications, today announced the first virtual reality telehealth clinics that will provide VR therapy to patients. VR telehealth clinicians providing care are currently certified in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, Washington D.C., Delaware, California, New York, and North Carolina and will be expanding their presence in additional states in the coming months.  The XRHealth telehealth services are covered by Medicare and most major insurance providers. XRHealth utilizes the power of virtual reality to rehabilitate patients via an immersive and engaging experience in the comfort of their own home. XRHealth combines therapeutic software with VR technology solutions that can treat a variety of health conditions. VR therapy transports patients to an environment where they can view and experience treatment as a fun activity, increasing patient participation in prescribed therapeutic treatments.