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Why information security should be every hospital CEO's No. 2 priority (at least right now)

April 11, 2019 / Tom Sullivan

Health systems have been underinvesting in information security for a decade, some even longer, but the threat landscape has now reached a critical point. Hackers, cybercriminals and nation states are increasingly sophisticated, and have access to the same cutting-edge machine learning technologies that security teams use to protect their data. Malware has been weaponized. Grimly, there’s no end in sight. But how to get from today’s underfunded and risk-filled reality to a more secure future state in short order? It starts with moving infosec higher up on the CEO’s agenda – something that will in all likelihood be a difficult maneuver, but a transformative one. Crafting plans for a new robotic surgery facility? Splurging on modern imaging systems or creating an artificial intelligence command center? Exciting, but you might want to backburner those projects – yes, even ones with a clear path to ROI – and, instead, apply enough resources to finally strengthen your information security posture first.