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Walmart Launches Digital Healthcare Site

September 05, 2019 / Tracey Walker

On the heels of Walmart offering health clinics in certain locations, the big-box retailer is adding on a digital healthcare site WalmartHealth.com so consumers can make doctor, dentist, and behaviorial health medical appointments, in addition to scheduling hearing tests and immunizations. This decision seems to be many years in the making, since Walmart retail clinics stand to be fantastic for consumersjust the shot in the arm the medical industry needs,” says Anthony Brooke, VP of strategy, product, partnerships and data analytics at GetWellNetwork, a digital consumer health tech company based in Bethesda, Maryland. “Technology is here to help healthcare systems build a better digital front door. In what Brooke calls “a bold move,” Walmart lists medical service prices on the site $40 for a sick visit, $30 for a physical, and $45 for an eye exam. I salute Walmart for doing this,” Brooke says. “A price range of $59 to $99 sets expectations for the patient, whether he or she is insured or not. Patients fear medical bills more than they fear medical procedures, which means real-time pricing transparency would be even more beneficial for patients considering scheduling an appointment.