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Technology-related Predictions for 2020

December 22, 2019 / Managed Healthcare Executive

Artificial intelligence (AI) for doctors and administrators; optimizing delivery time of services to patients through virtual care adoption; and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) are some of the technologies that will impact the healthcare market in 2020 and beyond, predict experts from virtualization technology provider HiveIO of Hoboken, New Jersey. The healthcare industry is evolving thanks to AI. As a result of data’s increasing perceived value, healthcare organizations will go to greater lengths in collecting data to meet end-user demands in 2020,” says George Nealon, vice president of global sales at HiveIO. “By capturing more personal data, healthcare organizations will be able to more accurately assist patients and predict their needs. “For example, in the next five to 10 years, we will see patient biometrics sent directly from their gym or IoT (Internet of Things) device to their doctor’s office. Doctors can then use the data in conjunction with an AI-enabled software to proactively diagnose patients. This type of automated diagnostics takes away subjective bias and should make for better, faster healthcare.