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Signify Health Acquires PatientBlox

November 27, 2020 / Ankur Saini

Signify Health, a main supplier of innovation empowered medical services arrangements intended to keep individuals solid and cheerful at home has gained PatientBlox, an Atlanta-based innovation organization with profound aptitude in applying disseminated record innovation in medical care. The securing quickens Signify's imminent supplier installment abilities for scenes of care, supporting the organization's duty to propel esteem based consideration through novel installment and danger courses of action. Monetary subtleties of the procurement were not revealed.


Acquisition Will Accelerate Prospective Episode of Care Payment Models

The expansion of blockchain innovation empowers a further move away from customary charge for-administration models. By making installments to suppliers toward the beginning of the scene, suppliers are boosted to drive care upgrade on the grounds that there is shared estimation and responsibility at each progression of the cycle, which brings about improved consideration coordination, results, and cost reserve funds.


A scene of care is a medical services occasion — a condition or a therapy — that is set apart by an arrangement of collaborations between a patient and suppliers. The blockchain can catch every one of those cooperations and the patient's consideration achievements that trigger installments. The PatientBlox stage is intended to deal with these exchanges without depending on expense for-administration claims.


PatientBlox Integration Offers Payers/Providers Array of Payment Options

As a feature of the procurement, Signify will incorporate the PatientBlox innovation into its all around strong and adaptable worth based consideration stage, which upholds $6B in medical services go through every year connected with the national government's packaged installment program, BPCI-A, and scenes of care installment programs by wellbeing plans and managers.


The exclusive PatientBlox innovation is worked for-reason and exceptionally secure, empowering usefulness that encourages agreement and installment organization under an imminent installment model. Under its extended stage, Signify will offer payers and suppliers an assorted cluster of installment choices to meet them where they are in their worth based consideration venture.


“We combined our team’s healthcare, fintech, and supply chain experience with machine-learning and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to build the PatientBlox platform for administration and management of prospective bundles,” said PatientBlox Co-Founder and CEO Rahul Sharma. “Our DLT based platform enables collaboration between Healthcare Payers and Providers and provides real time data synchronization across entities thus enabling rapid scaling of prospective bundled payment programs. We are excited to work with Kyle and the Signify team and are proud to have the novel technology developed by the PatientBlox team be part of Signify’s leading platform, which is already driving real change in the healthcare industry.”


About Signify Health

Signify Health exists to drive more healthy, happy days at home. That’s why we’re committed to accelerating the movement to value-based care, transforming how care is paid for and delivered, and sharing accountability for driving better outcomes for the individuals and families we all serve.