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Self-disruption is the key to health system success in 2020.

January 08, 2020 / ERIC LANGSHUR

Any health system that is looking to remain competitive should look no further than the digital front door for their first assignment of 2020. In the dawn of a new decade, health systems are faced with a looming question: to self-disrupt or be disrupted? The answer should be an unequivocal and proactive answer of self-disruption. Rather than waiting around and daring competitors to leap even further ahead, health systems must self-disrupt with digital to ensure that they can remain viable and relevant to the broad base of consumers they seek to serve. Health systems need to act now with greater urgency because they’re being unbundled and attacked by insurgents. This scenario is happening in every other industry as well; S&P 500 data and Fortune 500 data show that there’s been a wholesale rotation of old guard entities for new entrants and insurgents. Today, health systems, in particular, are being squeezed on all sides. On one side, new entrants are making access to car...