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Parents struggle with kids' oral care habits in Delta Dental survey

August 12, 2019 / Delta Dental Plans Association

Summer break is in full swing, but our oral health requires studious attention all year round. According to the Children's Oral Health Survey, nearly 1 in 2 parents in America is challenged with getting their kids to practice proper oral care. Moms and dads share that two of the most daunting tasks as a caregiver is getting their children to brush (46%) and floss (47%). Maintaining oral hygiene is right up there with getting kids to eat their vegetables (48%).  The Delta Dental national survey indicates that having kids make their beds (29%) is relatively easy for parents compared to instituting proper oral care. In fact, securing kids' help with chores (43%) seems to be less of an effort for parents than obtaining children's cooperation on their healthy smiles.