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Nursing homes subject to one star rating if they go more than four days without an RN onsite

March 08, 2019 / Susan Morse

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is updating the nursing home compare and the five-star quality rating system by dropping the threshold for RN staffing from seven to four days, adding a measure for hospitalizations among long-stay residents and lifting the freeze on health inspections. The changes go into effect in April. Currently, facilities that report seven or more days in a quarter without a registered nurse onsite are assigned a one-star staffing rating. Starting next month, it will only take four days to trigger the automatic downgrade to one-star. CMS is also establishing separate quality ratings for short-stay and long-stay residents and is revising the rating thresholds. The agency is adding measures of long-stay hospitalizations and emergency room transfers and is removing duplicative and less meaningful measures, CMS said.