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JPMorgan spinoff Kadena puts blockchain on AWS—and on the table for small and medium-sized businesses

January 23, 2019 / Eli Richman

The startup announced Wednesday morning that it would be moving its blockchain development platform to Amazon Web Services. It hopes that this accessibility can eliminate or reduce the upfront costs of setting up blockchain nodes. "There's a lot of organizations that want to use blockchain technology but don't necessarily have a very large footprint. So we want to make sure that that end of the market—the smaller end of the market—is able to do that in a frictionless kind of way," said Ben Jessel, Kadena's head of growth, in an interview with FierceHealthcare. Jessel said companies would be able to set up a rudimentary blockchain using Kadena's platform in three clicks. The platform also offers a free trial option so that firms can demo potential use cases before paying for the service. That's a crucial factor for healthcare, which is still hammering out viable use cases. Blockchain has piqued the interest of many healthcare startups that still aren't quite sure how to incorporate it into their business models.