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InterSystems adds coronavirus screening functionality to TrakCare

February 11, 2020 / Leontina Postelnicu

InterSystems announced this week that it released a functionality allowing users of the latest editions of TrakCare to screen and support patients with 2019-nCoV, as the fight against the spread of the outbreak intensifies. The company said customers in China, the UK, the United Arab Emirates and others had already started using it. The functionality is based on guidance from the World Health Organization and links to the Wuhan Coronavirus Global Cases app from the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering in the US. We are proud to have deployed this quickly for our users, said TrakCare chief medical officer Hazem El Oraby. The news comes in the wake of reports from the Chinese stated media that Zhang Jin, party secretary of the Health Commission of Hubei Province, where the novel coronavirus was first identified, and Liu Yingzi, director of the Hubei Provincial Health Commission, had been sacked.