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IHI 2018: Why it’s crucial to tap into the ‘psychology of change’ to sustain quality improvement efforts

December 13, 2018 / Paige Minemyer

ORLANDO, Fla.—As providers push quality improvement initiatives, a key part of making those changes stick is emphasizing the human element. With that in mind, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement released a framework this week aimed at getting to the “psychology of change” when it comes to effectively motivating staff around quality improvement projects. In particular, the framework addresses five the most important elements when it comes to engaging clinical staff: Tap into intrinsic motivation, collaborate on change that’s people-driven, be authentic, distribute power and be adaptive in action.  It’s built on thinking that many quality improvement teams were already putting into practice—they just lacked formal vocabulary and a model for it, Kate Hilton, faculty at IHI and one of the framework’s authors, told FierceHealthcare.