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How Hospitals Can Improve Patient Flow Through Location-Aware Healthcare IoT

June 10, 2019 / Robert Kowalik

Nearly every healthcare setting wants to improve their patient flow.Overcrowded emergency rooms. Convoluted surgery schedules. Clunky patient handoffs between departments. Delayed discharges. Ambulance diversions. Long wait times for care or, even worse, patients abandoning treatment due to long wait times. But what kind of data do hospital administrators need to make informed changes to their patient flow and where do they find it?Rich, actionable data must pinpoint when and where obstructions to patient flow occur. It’s not enough for hospital administrators to simply observe instances where patients sit for hours in a hallway waiting for a bed. Designing lasting solutions to prevent this type of patient boarding, and other breakdowns in patient flow, requires a data trail showing what led to a patient being put in the situation in the first place.