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HIMSS AsiaPac 18 - Interoperability and security are top concerns of military health leaders

November 13, 2018 / Dean Koh

Setting the context regarding military health systems for the broad audience who may not have direct experience with them or understand how they work, Dr Charles Alessi, Chief Clinical Officer, HIMSS, who is also the moderator of the IMHIT panel on Day Two of the conference, explained that the populations in military health systems are not necessarily very old compared to civilian ones and not necessarily multi-morbid. “There are a unique set of circumstances – firstly, there are the occupational health requirements in military health which are really very different to what you expect to find in civilian life. Secondly, care often has to be delivered in small, isolated communities and that in itself poses some significant challenges, often associated with clinical governors ensuring that clinicians that look after that population are in the right system and are really following the guidance in the appropriate way.