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Healthcare Roundup—HHS, NASA team up to study health; 41% of Americans plan to skip flu shot

December 07, 2018 / Tina Reed

The Department of Health and Human Services and NASA are working together to study health concerns for people on Earth and in space. NASA, for example, is interested in further research on cardiac arrhythmia and nutrition, and both agencies would benefit from an investigation into portable and autonomous medical devices in these areas, Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan wrote in a blog post. NASA has a long-standing research relationship with the National Institutes of Health, Hargan said. Seventeen women filed suit against Columbia University and its associated hospitals this week, saying the institutions took part in a “massive cover-up” of an obstetrician's sexual abuse of patients spanning more than 20 years. The plaintiffs say that the university was first alerted to the doctor’s behavior in the early 1990s but “actively and deliberately” concealed the abuse and allowed him to continue seeing patients.