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Health insurers must get creative with benefits to fill critical vacancies

July 19, 2019 / Susan Morse

In the healthcare labor market, there is a shortage of talented staff and a critical need to fill data, analytics and other administrative positions outside the roles of physicians and nurses. The nation is operating under an overall low unemployment rate of about 3.7%, while the rate for hospitals stands at 1.6 percent and for health insurers, 1.7 percent, according to the Semi-Annual U.S. Insurance Outlook Study conducted by The Jacobson Group. Getting healthcare talent and HR departments together is the job of Abbe Sodikoff, senior vice president of The Jacobson Group, who works mostly with payer clients. It takes more than money to attract data-savvy individuals to a field that, in the past, has lacked the edge and attractiveness of going to work for an Apple, Amazon, Google or Microsoft. Job seekers fresh out of college may still have expectations of both a stodgy office building and future career.