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Health Catalyst unveils two systems and a service for COVID-19 response

March 18, 2020 / Bill Siwicki

Health Catalyst, a vendor of healthcare analytics technology and services, after numerous conversations with health system clients, will offer two COVID-19 systems and a new service to its domestic clients, with the first system available to pilot clients by the end of the month. The technology associated with these systems will be offered to all clients at no incremental cost through the end of 2020. In the weeks ahead, Health Catalyst will continue to explore with clients additional potential analytics systems helpful in addressing the COVID-19 situation. The first system, Patient & Staff Tracker, is a tailored module of Health Catalyst’s Patient Flow Analytics Accelerator that offers health systems the ability to track where patients who test positive for COVID-19 have been within the health system setting, and which staff members have interacted with these patients, to inform capacity management, testing, quarantine and decontamination activities.