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ESO Acquires Trauma Registry Software Clinical Data Management

December 11, 2019 / Fred Pennic

ESO, an Austin, TX-based data and software company serving emergency medical services (EMS), fire departments and hospitals, announces it has acquired Clinical Data Management (CDS) to extend its product portfolio in the trauma registry market. By combining the assets, expertise and customer base of Clinical Data Management with newly acquired Digital Innovation and Lancet, ESO will have the largest portfolio of state trauma registries in the United States and will deliver a world’s first – the ability to see time-sensitive emergencies and patient data from the first 911 call for help all the way through a patient leaving the hospital. CDM has been in the business of providing comprehensive Trauma Registry software systems to hospitals, states and/or regions for 30 years. The registry system verifies hospital data for accuracy, meet state or regional data collection requirements, products state and/or regional electronic export files, performance improvement track and maintain the gold standard with customization features and technical support features