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Eon and AWS Partnership Advances the Pace of Healthcare Technology Adoption

June 25, 2020 / PR Newswire

Eon, a Denver-based healthtech leader, has reduced its technology implementation timeline to a record-breaking seven days with the help of Amazon Web Services (AWS). The powerful partnership is shaking up the industry, which is known for its antiquated technology, painfully slow implementation timelines, and exaggerated million-dollar price tags. Together, the companies are able to expedite the implementation of Eon's lung cancer screening and incidental findings technology in record speed at a fraction of the cost. This is something that no other healthtech company—large or small—has been able to achieve. "AWS provides the machines. Then Eon quickly powers them up. With AWS, we can scale across hospitals for low-cost efficiency and high-speed innovation. It's a powerful partnership," said Eon founder and co-CEO, Dr. Aki Alzubaidi. "Our AWS prowess has allowed us to offer 7-day implementations in a sector where quite literally no one else can." Eon's Essential Patient Management Platform (EPM) utilizes proprietary data science models to partner with hospital systems to identify, track, and manage the most at-risk patients. The EPM platform gives hospitals a high-tech tool to prioritize the most vulnerable patients, who cannot wait months—or even years—for technology to be implemented and adopted.