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Digital Transformation in Healthcare: 4 Ways to Build a Smart Roadmap

March 16, 2020 / Kevin Joy

When it comes to big technological initiatives, most healthcare organizations know that planning is key. But the finer points of evolution and creating a roadmap to achieve them can be far less certain. Digital transformation’ is one of those buzzwords that impacts every organization,” said Steve Horvath, chief architect for service management solutions at CDW. But if I asked 10 people what it means to them, I’m going get 10 different answers. Each healthcare system will have a different outlook, after all, and the needs of those providers and patient populations will vary greatly. It’s why IT and executive leaders must consider general best practices while keeping their unique challenges top of mind.  Sure, digital transformation requires time and money. But identifying and explaining how the improvements can ultimately cut costs and benefit users may supersede executive-level concerns. Tech teams, he noted, must be ready to “drive that consistency and transparency within IT service management from a service-oriented viewpoint.”