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Diabetes Health Type 2: Being Creative and Inspired While Managing Type 2 Diabetes

June 04, 2019 / Claire Lynch

When Sharon Mirabella was hospitalized nine years ago the physicians ran some blood tests and discovered that her A1C was 6.7. Thirst was the only unusual symptom she had noticed.
Once diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes they started her on some oral medication and she met one on one with a nutritionist.Her A1C now hovers around 5.6 and Sharon, who is 59, says that by exercising and keeping a close eye on her diet she maintains fairly steady blood sugar levels. I found talking with the nutritionist to be a huge help, Sharon says, because she explained what to look for in the supermarket. I read the labels and watch for the sugar, carbohydrate and sodium contents. She said that if my blood sugar level is high I should have some protein.