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Digital Health App Could Provide Faster, More Accurate Assessment for Patients with MS

September 09, 2019 / Susan Morse

Nearly 1 million people in the U.S. live with multiple sclerosis (MS). Previous research has found that many common conditions are frequently mistaken for MS. That’s why researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine developed a tablet-based app that offers a more accurate way for providers who don’t have specialized training to assess the cognition of patients with MS. Providers who used the app, called iCAMS, reduced MS test time from about 23 minutes to 14, according to the findings published in International Journal of MS Care. Researchers compared iCAMS to a standard, paper-based assessment tool and found that the app produced highly accurate results, all while reducing test time by approximately 10 minutes. This tablet app makes a tool that is recommended by MS organizations, like the National MS Society and Consortium of MS Centers, more efficient for clinics to administer, thereby raising the standard of care for patients in line with national recommendations