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Analytics to help understand social determinants can improve care, boost revenue

December 13, 2018 / Benjamin Harris

Factors such as income security, literacy and social isolation are some of the many social determinants of health – key personal factors that can greatly inform a patient's overall health outcomes and quality of life. Understanding and working to improve the SDOH for patients has long been an important part of increasing overall population health, but a new report looks at how they can inform a more streamlined and compressed payment cycle as well. Matt Hawkins, CEO of Waystar, a cloud-based revenue cycle management compay, says a more granular understanding patients' social determinants will give providers greater insight into everything from how better to develop a care plan to how to approach billing and payments. Currently, much of that data is gathered through either self-reporting or through clinician notes. Waystar has found that a large amount of the most of patients who need it most have never spoken to a provider about their social factors, and even one in five ...