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Aligning stakeholders' incentives in the shift to value-driven health

February 14, 2019 / Jeff Lagasse

ORLANDO – Finding the right formula and structuring data are just the initial steps in enabling a shift toward value-driven health. The success of this shift also depends on aligning stakeholders' incentives – making sure they all have an interest in working together and coordinating services for best outcomes. It's an area of concern all over the world, and for a little perspective on what's being done in Singapore, Jason Cheah, MD, MPH, and Kwek Kenneth addressed an audience at HIMSS19 here regarding that country's efforts to join integrated care and value-based care in a cohesive way. Cheah, the group deputy transformation CEO of the National Healthcare Group and CEO of the Woodlands Health Campus, said many different services touch patients, and that can be a challenge when it comes to care coordination. When patients move into the community, it can be tricky to ensure that information flows seamlessly from one place to another.