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AI standards need to be created to protect patient safety, experts warn

August 09, 2019 / Andrea Downey

AI applications are in development for many different use cases  from screening, to treatment, to admin work there needs to be appropriate methods and standards developed for safe deployment and evaluation of these solutions as they enter the health system,” he told Digital Health. Just as important as the money announced is the health service’s readiness to adopt new technology. Many staff in the NHS currently feel that IT makes their life harder, not easier. As well as being a world-leader in AI research, we need the NHS to be a world leader in the use of AI in practice. This means upgrading the basic technology infrastructure in all areas of the NHS, giving people the skills to use digital tools that harness this research, so nobody misses out on effective products built by this research. Adam Steventon, director of data analytics at the Health Foundation, said the commitment was a positive step but that technology needs to be driven by patient need and not just for...