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Access to insurance coverage improved under the ACA, but more of those covered are now underinsured: survey

February 08, 2019 / Eli Richman

The Trump administration's actions to cripple the Affordable Care Act haven't notably changed the number of uninsured people, according to the Commonwealth Fund, but they have weakened protections for those that have insurance. About 12% of Americans were uninsured in 2018, according to the Fund's biennial survey—statistically unchanged from 2016, the last time the survey was taken. However, more of those who did have insurance were considered underinsured, meaning their out-of-pocket medical expenses exceeded a certain threshold. "The lack of continued improvement in overall access to care nationally reflects the fact that coverage gains have plateaued, and underinsured rates have climbed," the Commonwealth Fund wrote in its survey. "People who experience any time uninsured are more likely than any other group to delay getting care because of cost."