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5 Key Healthcare Issues Pending In Congress 'New Rules' That Could Change How You Get Healthcare

July 07, 2019 / Michael Evans

In this Gallup poll from late 2018 and in almost every other national research poll on the concerns of American voters healthcare ranks as the No. 1 issue. Of course, healthcare is a complex, multifaceted issue, and voter concerns include the cost, quality, and availability of care as well as the availability of insurance and coverage of pre-existing conditions. The issue was recently given even higher visibility by President Trump’s executive order of June 24 mandating improved pricing disclosure in healthcare.
This heightened interest has been spawned in large part by the fact that, for more and more Americans, healthcare has become increasingly inaccessible. This compromised accessibility is largely attributable to high costs that even the insured, many now in high deductible health plans (HDHPs), struggle to afford. Whether or not one subscribes to the notion that healthcare should be a right, this issue is at the top of voters minds and on the agendas of the policy-makers who represent them. The objective: a U.S. healthcare system that brings care within financial reach for all Americans.