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NHSX to join up the tech leadership and bridge the worlds of health and tech, Hancock says

March 14, 2019 / Leontina Postelnicu

Health and social care secretary Matt Hancock gave delegates at the Digital Health Technology Show in London yesterday an insight into NHSX, the “latest addition to the NHS family,” a new unit for digital, data and technology that was unveiled earlier this year. Since his appointment in July 2018, Hancock has been on a mission to overhaul the use of technology across the NHS, from releasing a policy paper outlining his tech vision and bringing together a Healthtech Advisory Board to banning fax machines, pagers (for non-emergency communications) and setting up NHSX - and some of these initiatives have drawn both praise and criticism. “One of the things that’s really struck me [in this job],” Hancock said this week, “is how the world of tech and the world of healthcare have two very distinct cultures. In technology, you normally fail fast and you try to fail fast. As an NHS clinician, you’ve got to do all you can to get it right the first time. ...