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University of Utah Health improves turnaround time with new imaging tech

March 05, 2019 / Bill Siwicki

University of Utah Health provides care for residents of Utah and six surrounding states, with a referral area of about 10 percent to 15 percent of the continental United States. Given this large area, and the increasing number of imaging studies being performed, the health system found it had far too much data. "When I first started in radiology 25 years ago, I was looking at about 2,500 images a day, and today I look at around 250,000 images every day," said Dr. Richard Wiggins, professor of radiology and imaging sciences at University of Utah Health. "With this amount of data increasing, we needed to figure out how to analyze this data in a more efficient way." So the health system decided to implement imaging vendor Philips' Illumeo system, which includes adaptive intelligence that can interact with imaging data intelligently.