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Medsphere acquires Wellsoft for its emergency department IT

February 27, 2019 / Diana Manos

Medsphere announced on Wednesday that it has acquired Wellsoft, a provider of emergency department information systems (EDIS). With the addition of Wellsoft and other recent mergers, Medsphere representatives said the company now offers a platform that satisfies the clinical, revenue cycle and inventory management needs of inpatient acute and behavioral health facilities. According to Medsphere plans to offer “a comprehensive solution for urgent care centers,” the company said, by combining Wellsoft’s EDIS technology with Medsphere’s RCM Cloud revenue cycle suite. As part of the merger, Wellsoft founder and CEO Dr. John Santmann will serve as CMIO at Medsphere. The acquisition is yet another sign that healthcare is moving to make IT a one-stop shop with platforms that can meet clinical, revenue cycle and inventory management needs. Medsphere also announced Jan. 3 its purchase of HealthLine Solutions for hospital supply chain inventory applications.