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AI in healthcare: Big ethical questions still need answers

February 13, 2019 / Mike Miliard

ORLANDO – Seemingly overnight, artificial intelligence has found its way into every corner of healthcare, from patient-facing chatbots to imaging interpretation to advanced analytics applications. With that sea change comes a host of ethical questions about how, where and to what extent AI and machine learning apps should be deployed. Most of them are still unanswered. At HIMSS19 on Tuesday, a panel of healthcare and technology experts assessed this new landscape, taking stock of the big opportunities that AI can enable – while also exploring some of the "bright lines that we don't want to cross," as Microsoft Associate General Counsel Hemant Pathak put it. AI has already done wonders for healthcare. "Even if we never move beyond the current state of the art, we have a decade of application and value to extract" from existing AI-derived datasets, said Microsoft Corporate Vice President Peter Lee. Still, it's remarkable how fast that state of the ...