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Medical transcription standards improve patient safety, optimize EHR use

February 07, 2019 / Beth Jones Sanborn

The American Medical Association and other standards developing organizations like the WHO and the American Joint Committee on Cancer have lauded the benefits of relevant documentation standards including units of measure; pharmaceutical regimens; cancer protocols; laboratory studies; genetics; disease classifications; and the use of abbreviations, medical slang and lingo. Yet, according to Laura Bryan, Chair of the Book Of Style For Medical Transcription's 4th Edition Working Group and the Association For Healthcare Documentation Integrity, there's a real lack of awareness that these standards even exist. That's something Bryan is hoping to change with her upcoming session at HIMSS19 in Orlando. "There are standards that exist. I think a lot of people don't know these standards. It would help them when they are putting these things together and are asking "how should I write this?" They don't have to guess, they don't have to do a Google search. ...