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How one startup is bringing blockchain to genomics and precision medicine

July 09, 2018 / Bill Siwicki

A major challenge in healthcare, of course, is non-interoperable data silos where useful information, including genomic and other healthcare data, stays in the hands of the organizations that gathered it. Such data is usually not being put to work in a way that generates full value; when it is, typically the owner of the data doesn't retain full ownership or control over how it is used. For one company, blockchain may be the answer to this challenge. Shivom is a firm that seeks to become a genomic and healthcare data hub with the aim of putting power back into the hands of the individual in terms of genome data ownership. "What our company aims to do is to use the capabilities of blockchain technology that will enable the individual to maintain ownership of their data – that being genomic and related healthcare data," said Natalie Pankova, the chief scientific officer at Shivom.