March 31, 2020 | (1:00PM)
USA (United States of America)
HIPAA compliance is changing, make sure you are up-to-date with all of the recent changes. HIPAA compliance has recently seen big changes in how the rules are enforced for individual access requests, long-overdue changes may be coming to regulations on accounting of disclosures of protected health information (PHI), we can expect new rules regarding the HIPAA notice of privacy practices and calling patients’ cell phones, and a little-used HIPAA right may become a hot topic if the Affordable Care Act is threatened. And there have been calls for HIPAA expansions to cover new technologies and new uses of PHI. There is no shortage of critical topics for medical offices to respond to, to meet requirements and avoid penalties. This topic will review the scope of what must be done to stay in compliance with the HIPAA regulations as individual access comes into focus both as a right that is vigorously enforced, yet now limited in some ways by a new federal court order. Keeping up with these complex changes is essential to compliance with HIPAA access requirements. The information will prepare practices for the impacts of likely rule changes in areas such as accounting of disclosures, the notice of privacy practices, cell phone communications, and new technologies. One potential impact is not a HIPAA change, but an increase in the demand for requests to exert rights to keep treatment secret from health plans, which could result from changes to the ACA. This material will help practices prepare for the various changes and avoid the significant penalties (up to $1.7 million and beyond) for noncompliance.