June 13, 2019 | (3.00 PM)
USA (United States of America)
Dr. Nikesh Kotecha, Vice President Informatics Parker Institute, will discuss how the informatics ecosystem is impacting the field of immunotherapy.  Specifically, the bioinformatics community is advancing new methods for structural biology, including protein modeling and synthetic bio approaches, that are impacting immuno-cell therapies.  Furthermore, translational bioinformatics approaches are advancing our understanding of complex data elements, including genomic data, in early stage clinical trials, as targeted and personalized therapies continue to evolve.  As the need to incorporate these advanced data analytic approaches at the bedside continues to expand, there is an intense demand for pharma, health, and academic fields to work together.  Furthermore, as pharma develops advanced therapies, electronic healthcare record systems (EHR), must be able to adapt to the new data elements required to manage care, including adverse event data.