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Ventra Health Acquires Deras Global, Expands to Philippines

Ventra Health Acquires

On February 21, 2023, Ventra Health, a leading revenue cycle management company, announced that it has successfully acquired Deras Global Services, a dependable provider of RCM services for hospital-based physician specialties based in the Philippines. Ventra Health is a technology-driven company providing practice management and advisory services, in addition to RCM, for hospital-based physician specialties.

This acquisition enables Ventra Health's entry into the Philippine market, expanding its global footprint and enhancing its capabilities in delivering RCM services. In addition, this marks a significant milestone in Ventra Health's global workforce development and service-delivery strategy. The transaction is another successful move in a busy first quarter for the renowned Physician RCM platform.

Steven Huddleston, Ventra Health CEO, shared, "Moving fast on accretive opportunities that enhance client delivery and growth is my top priority. We will continue to move aggressively when opportunities present themselves."

(Source – Cision PR Newswire)

Ventra Health's acquisition of Deras Global Services marks the company's expansion of its global presence, bringing its services to the Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone. With over 300 employees and additional capacity for future growth, this acquisition represents a significant expansion of Ventra Health's operations in the region.

About Ventra Health

Ventra Health is a leading provider of high-performance business solutions for physician practices, hospitals, and health systems, specializing in anesthesia, emergency medicine, and hospital medicine. The company partners with private practices, hospitals, health systems, and physician management organizations to deliver innovative solutions that solve healthcare providers' most complex revenue and reimbursement challenges. Its comprehensive range of solutions includes revenue generation, finance and operations, workflow re-engineering, and healthcare trend insight. Founded in 2021, Ventra Health is the result of a merger between Abeo, DuvaSawko, and Gottlieb, three prominent revenue cycle management companies in their respective fields.



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