Validic integrates with Smart Meter cellular-enabled connected health devices

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Validic integrates with Smart

Validic Inc., a market-leading digital health and personalized care company, continues to expand its healthcare IoT platform with the integration of Smart Meter. This integration brings exclusive cellular-enabled, patient-friendly monitoring devices supplied by Smart Meter, a leading connected health solution supplier to a rapidly growing nationwide network of SmartPartners, to the Validic ecosystem.

Smart Meter's proprietary, cellular, FDA-registered monitoring devices are connected to an exclusive AT&T 4/5G private data network to ensure an engaging patient experience for improved adherence. The devices help manage the most prevalent chronic conditions, including blood glucose monitors for diabetes; blood pressure monitors for hypertension and other cardiac diseases; pulse oximeters for COPD, COVID-19, and other respiratory disorders; and weight scales for congestive heart failure and weight-related diseases.

"Our proprietary monitoring devices can only connect and transmit patient-generated data when connected to our private data network, ensuring reliable and secure delivery to Validic clients," said Smart Meter Chief Marketing Officer Bill Bassett. "And eliminating the need for patients to pair, sync or connect to Wi-Fi or an app on their phone may improve patient satisfaction and increase the use of their monitoring devices."

Validic's health IoT platform is the largest ecosystem of connected health devices and apps, which streams continuous, near-real-time personal health data from 540+ home health and wearable devices. Organizations can access blood pressure, pulse oxygen, blood glucose, heart rate, weight, temperature, sleep, nutrition, respiratory, activity data, and more through a single, endpoint connection.

"Technology should be so easy to use that it becomes invisible to the person using it," said Validic CEO Drew Schiller. "The addition of Smart Meter cellular-enabled health monitoring devices to our ecosystem offers another option to help people focus on their health and live their best lives."

About Validic

Founded in 2010, Validic Inc. is a digital health and personalized care company devoted to our mission of improving the quality of human life by making personal data actionable. With the world's largest health IoT platform and EHR-embedded remote care application, we help healthcare organizations give every person tailored interventions and personalized care, improving healthcare efficiency and delivery, and empowering people to play an active role in their health and well-being.

Leading healthcare providers, health plans and health IT companies, such as Mass General Brigham, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, CVS Health and Elevance Health, use our solutions to deliver high-touch and personalized chronic condition management, remote care, and support for healthy living. With a platform intentionally built to support a broad digital health strategy and scale across populations and conditions, Validic supports the largest RPM program in the country, with more than 300,000 enrolled patients since its inception and 7,000 referring providers. Our digital health platform has 540+ supported devices with more than 15 billion annual data transactions. Our remote care solution is available as a standard integration in the Epic Connection Hub and Cerner Millennium®.

In 2022, Validic received the North American Customer Value Award for the Medical Device Connectivity Industry by Frost and Sullivan and was named Best Overall Connected Healthcare Solution by MedTech Breakthrough. Validic is HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST CSF Certified®, and ISO-27001 certified for Information Security Management.


Mimo is proud to offer a myriad of products and capabilities in the healthcare space that provide benefits for doctors, patients, staff and more. 


Mimo is proud to offer a myriad of products and capabilities in the healthcare space that provide benefits for doctors, patients, staff and more. 

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Signifier Medical Technologies LLC a Boston-based medical technology company, is proud to announce its partnership with Sunrise, a health tech company that offers a quick and easy way to help in the diagnosis of sleep apnea from home. This collaboration combines Sunrise's cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions and the innovative technologies of daytime sleep apnea therapy, eXciteOSA, to improve patient care through more efficient diagnostics and treatments. Founded in 2015, Sunrise aims to democratize access to care for sleep apnea syndrome by bringing clinical quality directly into the patient's home. Its artificial intelligence-powered technology analyses a new signal on the human body, mandibular jaw movements, and other standard apnea signals, from a single sensor simply placed on the chin. “We are excited to partner with Signifier Medical Technologies, starting with the UK market, and offer our innovative home sleep test to more patients suffering from OSA,” said Laurent Martinot, CEO of Sunrise. The integrated solutions of Sunrise’s customized personal home sleep testing and Signifier Medical’s patient management portal will enable healthcare providers to gather comprehensive data on their patients’ day-to-day clinical experiences while providing tools for them to understand the unique needs of each individual better and optimize patient outcomes. With a common goal of improving patients’ lives through better sleep, Signifier Medical and Sunrise hope to create a future where better healthcare is available for all. Akhil Tripathi, Signifier’s co-founder, and CEO, said, “We look forward to offering this innovative home sleep test to provide millions of patients suffering from OSA with easier access to diagnostics and personalized treatment.” About Signifier Medical Technologies Signifier is a pioneer in addressing the root causes of sleep-disordered breathing. The Company is focused on developing and commercializing innovative and non-invasive solutions to help people breathe normally and naturally all night – without needing to use a wearable medical device or a surgical implant. Founded in 2015, Signifier is at the forefront of sleep therapy, with a mission to develop therapies to improve population health, increase the quality of patients’ healthcare experience, and generate healthcare savings. Signifier has offices in London (UK) and Needham (Massachusetts, USA).

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Caregility Unveils Multiple AI-Enhanced Hybrid Care Solutions that Harness the Power of Caregility Cloud™ Telehealth Platform

Businesswire | April 19, 2023

Caregility, an enterprise telehealth leader dedicated to connecting care for patients and clinicians everywhere, today announced a new portfolio of AI-enhanced hybrid care solutions built on Caregility Cloud™, its Best in KLAS virtual care platform (non-EMR). The enhancements reduce technology investment risks for hospitals and health systems by offering the flexibility to choose those health AI applications that are the best fit for their environment and needs without creating more IT silos that could hamper workflow and congest networks. Interest in hybrid care models that blend in-person care with virtual encounters has increased significantly as health systems look to optimize patient care delivery amid workforce shortages. Caregility Cloud™ is a robust telehealth foundation that helps modernize care delivery with advanced video and audio streaming technologies. Transformative clinical programs built on the platform include virtual nursing, tele-ICU, continuous patient observation, and virtual visits. The AI enhancements announced today unlock even more value for overburdened caregivers and administrative teams struggling to keep up with rising costs and increased demand. A computer vision application analyzes live video streams of patients and their environment to detect movement and changes that could lead to adverse events such as falls or self-harm. A contactless monitoring system continuously captures patient vital signs, detecting variations in heart rate, breathing patterns, and movement that could be indicative of physiological events like awakening from sleep or an induced coma. An ambient clinical intelligence algorithm generates documentation from live clinician and patient conversations for the patient’s electronic health record. “Integrating artificial intelligence technologies with our leading virtual care platform advances care delivery and empowers the clinicians we serve to focus on patient care,” states Mike Brandofino, President and COO at Caregility. “AI development in healthcare is in the beginning stages. Our customers are asking us for options that they can implement now but won’t box them into an investment that might quickly become obsolete. By harnessing the power of Caregility Cloud™ as the platform of choice, we provide the resilient virtual care infrastructure and endpoints while our business partners focus on AI advancement.” “Combining virtual care solutions and AI technology yields tremendous potential to enhance and improve a variety of clinical workflows in acute care settings,” said Pete McLain, Chief Strategy Officer at Caregility. “Artificial intelligence has the potential to enhance and augment – not replace – care teams, helping them save time, capture more meaningful patient data, and support clinical decisions and interventions that lead to better care and improved patient outcomes.” The Caregility Cloud™ Ecosystem is a growing network of Caregility business partners brought together for better healthcare. The new AI innovators joining the ecosystem include Abridge, Ouva, and Xandar Kardian, who are committed to integrating their transformative AI-enhanced hybrid care solutions with the Best in KLAS virtual care platform. Abridge, a leader in the clinical adaptation of generative AI, introduces ambient clinical intelligence for Caregility Cloud™, capturing relevant medical documentation from clinical conversations with patients in near real-time. Ouva, a pioneer in the clinical application of computer vision, brings AI-powered continuous patient and patient room observation to Caregility Cloud™ adopters, tracking patient and visitor movement to alert care teams to potential patient safety concerns such as falls, elopement, or self-harm. The Ouva solution also helps optimize workforce efficiency, with bedside shift planning and bed turnover processes. Xandar Kardian, an innovator in radar-based contactless patient monitoring, adds continuous vital sign and motion capture to Caregility Cloud™, delivering real-time data on patients’ resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and motion patterns to remote clinical teams to assess trends and meaningful changes in patient conditions. The Caregility Cloud™ virtual care platform also leverages operational AI to remotely monitor telehealth endpoint systems and initiate self-healing commands if equipment is not performing properly, enabling health systems to manage large telehealth system deployments at scale and across multiple sites. About Caregility Caregility Corporation is dedicated to connecting patients and clinicians everywhere with its Caregility Cloud™ virtual care platform. Awarded the Best in KLAS Virtual Care Platform (non-EMR) in 2021, 2022, and 2023, Caregility Cloud™ powers a purpose-built ecosystem of enterprise telehealth solutions across the care continuum. Caregility provides secure, reliable, and HIPAA-compliant audio and video communication designed for any device and clinical workflow, in both acute and ambulatory settings. Today Caregility supports more than 1,000 hospitals across over 75 health systems with over six million virtual care sessions hosted annually.

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SYNERGEN Health and PreciseMDX Announce Strategic Partnership to Provide Best-in-Class Digital Revenue Cycle Solution & Services

Businesswire | April 21, 2023

SYNERGEN Health, an industry-leading provider of technology-enabled revenue cycle services and solutions for healthcare organizations, and PreciseMDX, a technology provider offering best-in-class lab management software that empowers and connects labs, care providers, and patients, today announce their strategic partnership to provide laboratories and diagnostics with a seamless, end-to-end revenue cycle solution to bolster operational efficiencies, scalability, and growth. The collaboration between these two leading healthcare technology companies serves to enhance new and existing client relationships and drive long-term engagements. PreciseMDX provides lab businesses with a streamlined digital experience for testing and population health management, creating a seamless consumer experience while enhancing business intelligence and reducing costs. Under the partnership, SYNERGEN Health's comprehensive revenue cycle management services will be integrated with PreciseMDX's enterprise Lab Business Management Solution (LBMS). Combined, SYNERGEN Health and PreciseMDX will drive measurable value for clients by implementing sustainable improvements that reduce costs, maximize cash flow, and enhance the patient-provider experience. "Labs across the U.S. are suffering from a lack of RCM integration and automation capabilities. That, coupled with an increase in denials for missing information and prior authorization, uncovered an innovation gap in the market that we sought to address," said Duminda Gunawardena, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at SYNERGEN Health. "Together with PreciseMDX, we’re offering labs the best digital revenue cycle management solution in the market, capable of improving financial performance and focusing on delivering high-quality patient care. With our combined domain expertise, we are expanding our innovative service offerings to not only improve patient experiences but optimize the payer-provider relationship." The SYNERGEN Health-PreciseMDX partnership addresses the challenges of data quality by automating the correction and completion of patient and insurance data. This enables labs of any size to reduce cumbersome manual tasks on the back end and streamline the revenue cycle management process while attracting new clients by improving the entire end-to-end lab diagnostic journey. "We are thrilled to partner with SYNERGEN Health to support labs as they streamline their operations alongside an increasing demand for services," said Mark Dorner, Co-Founder and CEO of PreciseMDX. "With robust interoperability capabilities, PreciseMDX easily integrates with LIS, EHR, and revenue cycle systems like SYNERGEN to deliver real-time business metrics and KPIs to scale operationally regardless of case volumes." About SYNERGEN Health Founded in 2011, SYNERGEN Health is a pioneer in technology and data-driven revenue cycle transformation for the U.S. healthcare industry. SYNERGEN Health provides complete revenue cycle services, advanced analytics, payment solutions, machine learning, robotic process automation, consulting services, and other software solutions. SYNERGEN Health was named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. for the seventh time and has been recognized with recurring industry honors from leading organizations such as Gartner, KLAS and Becker. In 2023, SYNERGEN Health successfully completed the SOC 2® Plus HITRUST CSF, Type 1 audit furthering its dedication to cybersecurity and the highest standards of compliance.

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