Trillium Community Health Plan Successfully Resolves Corrective Action Plan with OHA

Trillium Community Health Plan | June 03, 2022

Trillium Community

Trillium Community Health Plan is pleased to announce it has successfully closed the Tri-County Expansion Corrective Action Plan (CAP) with Oregon Health Authority effective June 1, 2022. As a result of this process, Trillium has implemented many practices that have further strengthened the plan's ability to coordinate high-quality healthcare and services, with a special focus on increasing access to care and addressing social determinants of health for Oregon Health Plan members in Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties.

In September 2020, OHA issued a CAP for Trillium's Medicaid plan as a condition of expansion into the Tri-County service area. OHA asked Trillium to focus on specific improvements to its network, health equity and language access, community engagement, and intensive care coordination. Leveraging the extensive expertise of its many work groups, committees, and community partnerships, including the Network Adequacy Collaborative and Health Equity Strategy Committee, and with contributions from tribal liaisons, traditional health worker liaisons, and the development of the Community Advisory Council, Trillium has addressed and resolved all CAP requirements.

Today, Trillium serves more than 28,000 members in the Tri-County area. Through the CAP, the health plan made several improvements to enhance access to care and services for all members, including

  • The creation of a fully compliant and engaged Community Advisory Council, made up largely of Trillium members representing diverse demographics and lived experience;
  • New partnerships with the regional health equity coalition, tribal organizations, and community-based groups, which further support Trillium members with access to culturally sensitive healthcare, food insecurity, and other investments
  • A robust behavioral health provider network to meet the needs of members;
  • The Network Adequacy Collaborative to ensure all network related issues, including health equity, are identified and addressed promptly; and,
  • A renewed internal committee structure to align plan efforts and center equity on strategic planning.

"Trillium is committed to providing equitable, culturally sensitive, integrated care for all of our members in Oregon. We want to thank OHA for their continued partnership throughout this process, which has allowed us to enhance our systems, processes, and partnerships, improving our ability to identify local needs, remove barriers to care, develop service innovations, and collaborate across organizations to enact lasting change within our communities."

Justin Lyman, Interim President and CEO of Trillium

Trillium extends its appreciation to OHA for its partnership throughout this process. 

About Trillium Community Health Plan
Trillium Community Health Plan serves Oregon Health Plan members through the CCO model, which began in 2012. Trillium is a recognized leader for outstanding coordination of care. It was first awarded a contract with the state of Oregon to help manage care for the Oregon Health Plan in 1999. Trillium partners with an extensive group of providers to improve care and access to services for OHP members. 


Procurement and sourcing are rapidly evolving to
become much more strategic, with greater ability to significantly impact operational health.


Procurement and sourcing are rapidly evolving to
become much more strategic, with greater ability to significantly impact operational health.

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